20 gin mixers to try when you don't have tonic


March’s Gin of the Month box features a bottle of Gusto Organic Fiery Ginger with Chipotle, a zingy, sour-sweet mixer that packs your gin cocktail full of flavour and subtle heat.

Gusto is committed to using natural, organic and Fairtrade ingredients, making it not just a tasty alternative to tonic water but also an ethical one! Our G&G is a spicy take on a fiery mojito!

Inspired by this delicious alternative to the traditional tonic, we got our thinking caps on and came up with 20 other fantastically flavoursome tipples to pair with your gin.

1. Gin and Gusto Organic Ginger & Fiery Chipotle

For a fiery twist on the mojito, check out our super-easy recipe for a ginny version using Gusto Organic Ginger and Fiery Chipotle instead of tonic. You’ll be dancing to La Bamba in no time. Olé!


2. Gin and Bitter Lemon

Gin Bitter Lemon The Bar DE.png

Image: The Bar DE

Gin goes great with citrus (as we know from the classic garnishes of lime or lemon) and bitter lemon is a popular alternative among those who don’t particularly enjoy the bitter taste of tonic. Gin and bitter lemon is an easy drink that goes well with most gins; if you don’t have bitter lemon, you can even make your own by mixing up some lemon juice and sugar!

3. Gin and Ginger 

Gin Ginger Ale Two Tarts

Image: Dulcie & Sarah/Two Tarts

We discovered the combination of gin and ginger beer last year, and have loved it ever since, but did you know you can mix this up with pretty much any gin? If you’re not a fan of ginger beer or want to try something even different, gin and ginger ale is a lovely combination.  You can even try mixing with bottlegreen's Rhubarb and Ginger cordial.

4. Gin and Vermouth

Gin Vermouth Martini

AKA a gin Martini! The Martini is beloved not only for its classic flavour, but for being a gin cocktail that’s ridiculously simple to make. 50ml gin and 15ml of dry vermouth, stirred and strained into a glass, and you’ve got yourself this quintessential gin cocktail. It’s an easy go-to gin drink for anyone with a decently-stocked drinks cabinet.

5. Gin and Lime Cordial

Gin Gimlet Lime Cordial

Image: Celebuzz

Does this combination sound familiar, as well? If you have a bottle of gin and some lime cordial in your home, then you’ve got the makings of a gin Gimlet! Gimlets are usually made with lime juice and simple syrup (but not always!), but the lime cordial puts these two together so your gin cocktail is even simple. Combine 3 parts gin with 1 part cordial, stir, sip and enjoy.

6. Gin and Grapefruit

Gin grapefruit juice

Image: Yes to Yolks

The citrus fruit strikes again! Gin and grapefruit are a delicious combination, and if you add some salt into the mix you’ve made yourself a tasty gin-based cocktail: the Salty Dog. Opt for ruby red juice rather than white to give your drink an extra layer of flavour.

7. Pink Lemonade


Not a fan of the bitter taste that tonic brings? Satisfy that sweet tooth with gin and lemonade! And for an even sweeter kick, try using rose lemonade. Check out our recipe here.

8. Gin and Coke


A slightly less common pairing, but gin and coke can make a really refreshing change from the classic G&T. It is the perfect gin serve in Spain so we encourage you to try it before you judge! We like to tweak the recipe slightly to make sure the coke doesn't over power the gin, like adding a few dashes of orange bitters or 15ml of fresh lime juice. 

9. Gin and Soda & Fresh Lime


Gin and soda, or, more widely known as a Gin Ricky, is exactly that - fill a highball glass with ice, 50ml of your favourite gin, top up with soda water and a squeeze of fresh lime. Very similar to a gin and tonic, but without the bitter taste of the quinine, found in tonic water. It is more of a savoury, zesty drink with no real sweetness, but oh, so refreshing and at only 100 calories it's a guilt free way to enjoy your faveourite spirit! And since it has lime juice, it even has a bit of vitamin C! 

10. Gin and Cranberry


For a sweet but dry mixer for your gin, try cranberry. Can be drunk all year round but is a great Christmas cocktail! We like to mix our gin and cranberry with a twist of lemon to give it added zing! 

11. Gin and Tomato Juice


If you haven’t heard of a Red Snapper before, you can’t be blamed – this cocktail has long been overshadowed by that juggernaut of brunch cocktails, the Bloody Mary. But, by swapping the vodka for gin, a staid classic is transformed into a botanical wonder packed full of ginny joy! Try our recipe here.

12. Gin and Prosecco

french 75 640x400.jpg

Prosecco plus gin makes for a boozy, bubbly, beautiful pairing. Simply add your sparkling wine and some honey to your gin for a deliciously sweet and refreshing concoction, or try your hand at one of these gin and prosecco cocktail recipes.

13. Gin and Coffee

Pact Espresso Martini.jpg

Gin and coffee make surprisingly good bedfellows. Check out our recipe for a Gin Espresso Martini for a delicious twist on the classic cocktail.

14. Gin and Irn Bru


Such is the Scots’ great love of Irn Bru that they’ve come up with some corking cocktails mixing their ‘other national drink’ with gin - check out three of the most popular recipes here.

15. Gin and Elderflower


Gin and elderflower cocktails have been gaining in popularity over the last few years, partly due to the gloriously long, hot summers that required a more refreshing tipple than a warm glass of white wine in hand. Try this sweet-yet-sharp Gin and Elderflower Sherbet cocktail recipe for the perfect spring beverage.

16. Gin and Orange

For summer in a glass, simply add freshly squeezed orange juice to your gin for a fruity, refreshing cocktail. If you can find some in-season blood oranges, even better - the dramatic crimson colour will have your friends oohing and aahing over their martini.

17. Gin and Apple


If you like mulled wine, you’ll love this cinnamon-spiced, fruity gin recipe that combines cloudy apple juice, sparkling apple, fruits and spice - perfect for cuddling up with by a roaring fire once the colder weather kicks in.

18. Gin and Pineapple


Transport yourself to the lush jungles and heavily scented flowers of the Amazon with the exotic flavours in this recipe for Planters Punch, which combines pineapple and gin, with orange, bitters, simple syrup and mint for a refreshing, fruity gin cocktail.

19. Gin and Cream Soda


The sweet-toothed among you will like this three-ingredient gin cocktail that requires no soda. Simply mix gin with cream soda and citrus - for added giggles, sip along with a little taste of exploding candy!

20. Gin and Strawberry Lemonade


Blitz up some fresh strawberries and lemons, combine with your gin and chilled water and - hey presto - you’ve got the perfect thirst-quenching cocktail to sip at a summer garden party.