5 "Smashing" Strawberry and Gin Cocktails for Wimbledon

There are some classic summer pairings that are unquestionable and iconic: gin and tonic; bucket and spade; Wimbledon and strawberries!

Fun tennis fact: court-side visitors will eat an incredible 28,000kg of the yummy red berries over the course of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament, usually with a little dollop of cream.

As delicious as that is, here at Craft Gin Club, we think the only way to elevate this heavenly match is with the addition of, you guessed it, gin!

So, get ready to cheer on Andy Murray and Jo Konta and “serve” your fellow spectators one of these four “smashing” strawberry and gin cocktails! We’re sure you’ll LOVE them.

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic

(Makes one G&T)

3 strawberries
Freshly ground black pepper
45ml gin (go for a neutral or citrussy one)
Tonic water*
(*You could also use elderflower tonic, for a sweeter drink)

Wash and hull the strawberries. Slice in half, or into quarters if they’re big. Muddle the strawberries with a good twist of freshly ground black pepper in a shaker, then pour into an ice-filled glass. Stir in the gin and top with tonic. Garnish with a strawberry and serve!


‘Bloodhound’ (Strawberry Martini)

2 or 3 fresh, ripe strawberries, plus one extra for garnish
30ml gin
30ml sweet vermouth
30ml dry vermouth
15ml maraschino liqueur (optional)

In a cocktail shaker, muddle strawberries. Add rest of ingredients and shake vigorously with ice. Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with strawberry slice or a twist of lemon peel.


Frozen Gin & Strawberry Daiquiri

250g strawberries, hulled
100g crushed ice, plus more if you like a thicker blended drink
50ml gin
Juice of half a lime

Combine all your ingredients in a blender and whizz. Pour into a glass and top with more crushed ice.  Garnish with a strawberry, a lime and an umbrella, if you have one to hand!

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

25ml gin
2-3 basil leaves, plus extra to garnish
Handful of strawberries, plus extra to garnish
Juice of half a lemon
250g caster sugar
Sicilian Lemonade (or other high-quality lemonade) or soda water, to top up

Make your syrup by washing, slicing and then very gently boiling a handful of strawberries with lemon juice, 250ml water and the sugar. Simmer gently until the sugar as combined and thickened. Strain and allow to completely cool before use.

Muddle the basil leaves gently inside a rocks glass, then add ice to the glass. Add plenty of ice, gin and lemonade to a cocktail shaker and shake for a good 20 seconds, then strain the liquid from the shaker into the glass. Add your strawberry syrup and top with lemonade or a splash of club soda. Stir gently and garnish with a strawberry and a basil leaf.


Strawberry Gin Smash

Makes 8 serves

2 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 limes, juiced (about 1/4 cup)
1 pound fresh strawberries
2 cups gin
3 cups soda
Fresh mint sprigs, for garnish

Muddle the sugar and limes in a pitcher. Set aside 6 to 8 small strawberries and make a small slice in their tips. Hull and slice the remaining strawberries and muddle the slices with the sugar and lime juice. Stir in the gin and club soda and pack the pitcher full of ice. Add mint sprigs to garnish. Garnish glasses with a strawberry, slotted onto the edge of the glass. Recipe source: thekitchn