Is this gorgeous sparkling grapefruit and gin cocktail the most refreshing drink of the summer?

The tart sweetness of grapefruit paired with the smooth citrus flavours of gin is a match made in heaven. Add some lightly sparkling wine to the mix and you’ve got a sensational - and perfectly pink - summer cocktail that is simply made for sipping in the garden with friends as the sun goes down this summer.


Grapefruit Wheel

300ml gin
400ml grapefruit juice
2 bottles sparkling wine (not too sweet)
3 to 4 grapefruits

Add heaps of cubed ice to a large punch bowl or jug. Pour over your gin, juice and sparkling wine. Stir well. Slice your grapefruits into juicy wheels and add them to your punch. Garnish your glass with a further slice (or a little rosemary stem also works well here).

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