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13 of the best mocktail recipes made with alcohol-free gin!

13 of the best mocktail recipes made with alcohol-free gin!

Jan 9, 2024

Whether you can’t have alcohol or are simply having a sober stint for a while, you don’t need to miss out on fabulous gin cocktails, especially with amazing alcohol-free spirit offerings out there like those that can be found in Craft Gin Club’s new Dry January 0% box, which has great no-alcohol alternatives to gin and rum, along with lots of mixers and snacks.

In this gin-credible feature, you can find alcohol-free versions of 12 of the world’s most popular cocktails. Each of these simple mocktail recipes is made with incredible replacements for alcohol.

They are easy to make, so nobody has to miss out on all the cocktail fun!

What is a mocktail?

The word “mocktail” is an abbreviation of “mock cocktail”. “Mock” means not real or non-authentic (not necessarily with any intention to deceive), and so a mocktail is an alcohol-free beverage that looks and in many ways tastes very similar to an alcohol cocktail.

This differs slightly from a no-alcohol cocktail like a Shirley Temple, which is perhaps the most famous alcohol-free cocktail because the Shirley Temple has no alcohol-based counterpart - it doesn’t “mock” anything.

All mocktails are alcohol-free cocktails but not all alcohol-free cocktails are mocktails.

What is a Shirley Temple cocktail?

A Shirley Temple is a no-alcohol mixed drink named after the famed child actress Shirley Temple.

Made with ginger ale and grenadine, then garnished with a maraschino cherry, it is thought to have been invented by a Hollywood bartender for Shirley so that she could enjoy a “cocktail” with the group-ups.

Scroll down to the bottom to find some of our favourite alcohol-free gins!

13 of the best mocktail recipe suggestions:

Bramble mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of a Bramble cocktail?
The traditional Bramble recipe has two key alcohol-based elements to it: gin and crème de mûre (a blackberry liqueur). These are both very easily replaced by no-alcohol equivalents like alcohol-free gin and the juice of fresh blackberries - just blend up a handful and use the juice instead of the crème de mûre.

The result is a cocktail that is just as delicious without any of alcohol content.

Bramble mocktail

50ml alcohol-free gin
30ml lemon juice, freshly squeezed
15ml simple syrup
15ml blackberry juice
Lemon slice, to garnish
Fresh (or thawed) blackberries, to garnish

Shake the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup with lots of ice. Strain into a glass filled with ice (ideally crushed ice). Drizzle the juice over ice. Garnish with lemon and blackberries. Serve and enjoy!

This recipe also works great with alcohol-free pink gin. We recommend trying it with Fluère Pink Raspberry!

2. Negroni mocktail recipe:

How do make a no-alcohol version of a Negroni cocktail?
A classic Negroni is made of three spirits: gin (London Dry), Campari and sweet (red) vermouth. That rich, delightfully bittersweet mix of citrus, herb and juniper can be recreated with a good alcohol-free gin, Crodino (an alcohol-free Italian Aperitivo with a very similar flavour profile to Campari) and no-alcohol vermouth like Martini Vibrante - which is available online.

The main difference between this and a classic Negroni is that the Crodino will make this mocktail slightly fizzy, whereas the classic Negroni is completely smooth - both are delightful!

Negroni mocktail

50ml alcohol-free gin
50ml Crodino (available online)
50ml no-alcohol vermouth (available online)

In a rocks glass, pour all three ingredients over ice and stir. Garnish with a twist of orange peel and enjoy!

3. Espresso Martini mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of an Espresso Martini cocktail?
The two alcohol-based elements in a traditional Espresso Martini are gin or vodka and coffee liqueur. They can be replaced by no-alcohol gin and no-alcohol coffee liqueur. With these, you can still get that silky-smooth foam on top and those rich, deep coffee notes - you won’t miss the alcohol at all!

Espresso Martini mocktail

50ml alcohol-free gin
15ml alcohol-free coffee liqueur
30ml coffee (ideally espresso)
Coffee beans, to garnish (optional)

Add your ingredients (apart from the garnish) to a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and then strain into a chilled martini glass. Allow the foam to rise and sit on top. Garnish and enjoy!

4. Martini mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of a classic Martini cocktail?
Made with gin or vodka and vermouth, the classic Martini recipe is possibly the hardest to replicate with no-alcohol ingredients, but it is certainly not impossible.

As with a classic Martini, the no-alcohol version relies on the quality of your ingredients. Luckily, there are some fantastic alcohol-free gins and vermouths out there now.

Martini mocktail

4 parts no-alcohol gin
1 part alcohol-free dry vermouth (available online)
Lemon peel, to garnish

Chill your alcohol-free gin and vermouth in the fridge. Add the gin and vermouth to a stirring glass (or shaker) with ice and stir gently. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Squeeze the lemon peel over the cocktail to release its oils, garnish and serve. Enjoy!

5. French 75 mocktail recipe:

How do make a no-alcohol version of a French 75 cocktail?
Bright and bubbly, the classic French 75 recipe mixes gin with Champagne and lemon juice. With the range of alcohol-free sparkling wines only getting bigger and bigger, this classic gin cocktail couldn't be easy to make without using alcohol.

Simply find a light, crisp alcohol-free sparkling wine of your choice and a great alcohol-free gin and you are there.

French 75 mocktail

30ml alcohol-free gin
15ml lemon juice
15ml simple syrup
Alcohol-free sparkling wine, to top (available online)
Lemon peel twist, to garnish

Shake the gin, simple syrup and lemon juice with ice. Strain into a champagne flute. Top with the sparkling wine, garnish and enjoy!

6. Tom Collins mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of a Tom Collins cocktail?
The classic Tom Collins is a simple yet utterly delicious and refreshing mix of gin, soda water and lemon juice. All that you have to do to make this cocktail no-alcohol is swap the gin for alcohol-free gin, you still get that complex mix of juniper and citrus that makes this cocktail so special.

Tom Collins mocktail

60ml alcohol-free gin
30ml lemon juice, freshly squeezed
15ml simple syrup
Soda water, to top
Lemon slice and/or cherry, to garnish

Shake the gin, juice and syrup with lots of ice. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with the soda water, garnish and enjoy!

For a delicious raspberry-flavoured twist, try swapping in Fluère Pink Raspberry and garnishing with fresh raspberries.

7. G&T mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of a G&T?
A well-made G&T is one of life’s greatest pleasures (find our guide to making the perfect G&T here). But did you know that no-alcohol gin and tonics can be just as utterly scrumptious?

It simply takes an alcohol-free craft gin, a premium tonic water and complementary garnishes and you can enjoy a delicious G&T without any alcohol.

 G&T mocktail

50ml Warner’s Juniper Double Dry alcohol-free gin
200ml premium Mediterranean tonic water
Orange slices and ginger slices (optional), to garnish

Add the gin and the tonic water to a glass with lots of ice. Stir, garnish and serve. Enjoy!

8. Gimlet mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of the Gimlet cocktail?
The historic Gimlet is one of the oldest gin cocktails on any cocktail menu and it has stood the test of time for good reason: it is just so deliciously vibrant and zesty!

Changing out the London Dry for alcohol-free gin allows you to still have that lip-smacking citrus cocktail experience without any booze.

Gimlet mocktail

75ml no-alcohol gin
15ml lime cordial
Lime wedge or slice, to garnish

Add the gin and the cordial to a shaker with lots of ice. Shake well and then pour into a chilled coupe glass. Serve with a slice of lime and enjoy!

9. Aviation mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of the Aviation cocktail?
Gin, maraschino liqueur and Crème de Violette come together in this classic purple gin cocktail recipe. That gorgeous mix of juniper, floral and cherry flavours can still be found without the alcohol.

All you need is a booze-less gin, a tub of maraschino cherries (so you can use their syrup instead of maraschino liqueur) and violet syrup to replace the Crème de Violette.

Aviation mocktail

45ml alcohol-free gin
15ml violet syrup (available online)
15ml maraschino cherry syrup
40ml lemon juice
Lemon twist, to garnish

Shake the gin, syrups and lemon juice with lots of ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish and enjoy!

10. Porn Star Martini mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of the Porn Star Martini (also known as a Passion Fruit Martini) cocktail?

Our alcohol-free Passion Fruit Martini uses no-alcohol gin (instead of the vodka that is traditionally used) and is bursting with those tropical flavours that make the cocktail so special.

Porn Star Martini mocktail

50ml no-alcohol gin
10ml vanilla syrup
2 fresh passion fruit seeds
10ml passion fruit syrup
10ml fresh lime juice
1 shot of no-alcohol sparkling wine, to serve

Add all of the ingredients apart from the wine and garnish to a cocktail shaker with lots of ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

Find the recipe for Craft Gin Club’s Gin Star Martini right here (it’s a delicious twist on the classic Porn Star Martini)!

11. Piña Colada mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of the Piña Colada cocktail?
For our booze-free version of a Piña Colada, we simply swap the rum that is normally used for alcohol-free gin. The juniper notes of the gin add a rich base that complements the other fruity, creamy ingredients.

If you want to try an alcohol-based version of gin-based Piña Colada then you need to try our Gin-a-colada!

 Piña Colada mocktail

50ml alcohol-free gin
50ml coconut cream or milk
100ml pineapple juice
Pineapple wedge, to garnish

Blend the ingredients (apart from the garnish) with ice until smooth. Pour, garnish and serve. Enjoy!

We also recommend trying Fluère Spiced Cane for an alcohol-free rum twist on the Piña Colada too. You can buy Fluère Spiced Cane here!

12. Strawberry Daiquiri mocktail recipe

Mixing fresh strawberries with wonderfully complex no-alcohol pink gin and a squeeze of fresh lime, this recipe never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

 Strawberry Daiquiri mocktail

50ml alcohol-free pink gin (like Fluère Pink Raspberry)
250g strawberries, hulled
Juice of half a lime
100g crushed ice
Fresh strawberry and/or lime, to garnish

Blend all of your ingredients together. Pour, garnish and serve. It couldn’t be easier!

13. Mojito mocktail recipe:

How do you make a no-alcohol version of a Mojito cocktail?
We love creating gin-based versions of this refreshing, normally-rum-based cocktail, like our Lemon Gin Mojito and our Raspberry Gin Mojito - the complex juniper notes of the gin are the perfect match for the citrus and herb notes of the Mojito.

Of course, you don’t have to use an alcohol-based drink to get that same thirst-quenching experience, no-alcohol gin works just as well!

Mojito mocktail

50ml alcohol-free gin
1tsp sugar
Juice of 1 lime
Soda water, to top
Handful of mint leaves
Mint sprig, to garnish

In a glass, muddle the mint leaves, sugar, gin and lime juice. Add ice and pour over the soda water. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

For an alcohol-free rum-based Mojito, try swapping the gin for Fluère Spiced Cane, which can be found here!

Which are the best alcohol-free gins to use for these mocktails?

There are four stand-out alcohol-free gins that we like to use in mocktails: Warner’s Juniper Double Dry, Warner’s Pink Berry, Sabatini Gino° and Salcombe New London Light (NLL). Let’s take a closer look!

5 of the best alcohol-free gins:

Fluère Pink Raspberry

Fluère Pink Raspberry

This gorgeous pink alcohol-spirit is created using juniper, fresh raspberries and lime peel.

Zesty, rich, fruity and brimming with authentic raspberry flavours, it’s fantastic simply mixed with tonic or using in alcohol-free cocktails like the ones above.

Warner’s Juniper Double Dry:

Warner’s Juniper Double Dry

This zero-alcohol gin from the now-world famous Warner’s Distillery is brimming with wonderful juniper and citrus notes, which you would expect from a classic London Dry.

It’s fantastic as a direct replacement for classic London Dry gins in any cocktail, but we think it’s particularly delicious in a Bramble mocktail, a French 75 mocktail or our alcohol-free gin-based Espresso Martini mocktail.

Warner’s Pink Berry:

Warner’s Pink Berry

An alcohol-free pink gin, this fruity and fun delight has a sumptuous mix of berry, spice, citrus and floral notes.

Give it a go in an Aviation mocktail, a Pink G&T or our Frozen Gin & Strawberry Daiquiri and you will not be disappointed!

Sabatini Gino°:

Sabatini Gino

This remarkable no-alcohol craft gin has delectable savoury tones of olive, woody herb, lavender and lemon verbena.

It’s a stunning ingredient for a Martini mocktail or a Negroni mocktail. It’s also a brilliant addition to a Mojito mocktail, its savoury palate balancing out the sweet sugar and fresh mint.

Salcombe New London Light (NLL):

Salcombe New London Light

This no-alcohol gin from the amazing team at Salcombe Distilling Co. has a unique yet utterly delicious mix of habanero and ginger that complements more traditional botanicals like juniper, orange, cardamom, sage and rosemary.

It makes for a mouthwatering alcohol-free Tom Collins, Gimlet, gin-based Piña Colada or Porn Star Martini!

What is no-alcohol gin?

You can find out everything you need to know about no-alcohol gin, including how it’s made and why it’s becoming so popular, at this link right here!

Where can I buy mocktail ingredients?

You can buy a vast array of mocktail ingredients, including alcohol-free spirits, cocktail syrups, fruit juices and garnishes on the Craft Gin Club online shop, at this link!

There is always lots to learn about gin and cocktails!