How important is the ice in your gin and tonic?

Every element that makes a gin and tonic is extremely important. From the best craft gin to the premium tonic, each ingredient plays a big part in creating the perfect G&T! So when it comes to ice we want a product that will keep our gin and tonic colder for longer, won’t dilute our tipple and looks great, swirling around in our copa glasses! Enter Super Cubes from The Ice Co.

If you’ve ever nosed around a fancy cocktail bar, odds are you’ve seen bartenders using Extra-Large ice cubes. But what’s the benefit of using bigger ice cubes, when should you use them and – most importantly – how can you get them into your next G&T? We break it down for you here.


What Is A Super Cube?

Super Cubes are exactly what they sound like: supersized ice cubes made by The Ice Co., which has been providing Brits with premium-quality ice since 1860. Just one of The Ice Co.’s icy innovations, Super Cubes have a much larger surface area than standard ice cubes, which means they melt much more slowly and dilute your drink far less.

When Should You Use Them?

With their striking appearance and mixologist-approved properties, Super Cubes are appropriate whenever you want to create a special drinking experience. But there are four occasions in particular that call for a Super Cube.

You want a super-fizzy G&T

Super Cubes have a much larger surface area than standard ice cubes, which means that microscopic imperfections give the carbon dioxide in your tonic a lot of opportunity to form into bubbles. More bubbles means a fizzier drink!

You’re celebrating a special occasion

Super Cubes from The Ice Co. are made with spring water and a technique honed over hundreds of years. Completely clear and three times bigger than a standard cube, they’re also stunning in a glass, making them perfect for elevating an everyday drink into a work of art.

You want an extra-cold G&T

As we head into the hot days of summer, gin and tonics are in serious danger of dilution. While some insist that using less ice in their G&T will save it from diluting, the opposite is actually true; more ice means a colder drink, which helps retain the integrity of the ice which keeps your drink fizzy and cold. Super Cubes will chill down your drink quickly and melt more slowly. It’s a G&T lover’s dream!

You’re mixing up a masterpiece

When you’re making the perfect cocktail, the last thing you want is all of the delicately-balanced flavours to be lost to dilution. A Super Cube will keep your mixed drinks colder for longer without losing the impact of the flavour.


Where Can You Get Them?

Luckily for gin fans, Super Cubes from The Ice Co. are available at supermarkets across the country, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado and online at The Ice Co.