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A world of unique, crafted gins

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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

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Which ice is best for a gin and tonic?

Which ice is best for a gin and tonic?

Jun 6, 2020

No detail can be overlooked when creating the perfect gin and tonic or gin cocktail. From using the best ingredients you can find to selecting the perfect gin glass for your drink, each element of the process is as important as the next.

The ice you use is not exempt from this, yet, for many, it has become an afterthought. This can continue no longer...

When it comes to ice you want something that will keep your gin drinks colder for longer while diluting your tipple as little as possible. Bonus points if it also looks great in your glass or while you're mixing up a cocktail recipe for someone special.

Truly, ice is as important an ingredient to your cocktail recipes as any other.

Luckily, The Ice Co. has us covered. Their super cubes are a marvel to behold!

If you’ve ever nosed around a fancy cocktail bar, odds are you’ve seen bartenders using extra-large ice cubes.

Ever wondered why that is or what the benefit of using bigger ice cubes could be?

Well, wonder no longer! We are here to break it down for you with the help of the experts at The Ice Co. - you’ll never use small ice cubes again after learning how fantastic their super cubes are!

large ice cubes in a gin and tonic

What Is A Super Cube?

Made by The Ice Co., who have been providing Brits with premium-quality ice since 1860, super cubes are supersized ice cubes, three-times bigger than average to be precise.

Just one of The Ice Co.’s amazing icy innovations, the super cube has a huge surface area and is much denser, which makes them so much more effective than your average ice cube.

When Should You Use Them?

With their striking appearance and mixologist-approved properties, super cubes are appropriate whenever you want to create a special drinking experience.

But there are three occasions in particular that call for a super cube or two and they are:

1. When you want a super-fizzy G&T or spritz

The larger surface area of a super cube allows microscopic imperfections to give the carbon dioxide in your tonic a lot more opportunity to form bubbles than standard ice would.

More bubbles mean more of that gloriously effervescent fizz we love in a prosecco and gin spritz or great G&T!

Gin and tonic with large ice cubes and fruit garnishes

2. When you’re celebrating a special occasion

The Ice Co.’s super cubes are made with spring water using techniques honed over hundreds of years.

Completely clear and three times larger than a standard cube, they look stunning in any glass, making them the perfect way to elevate an everyday drink into a work of art.

3. You want an extra-cold gin drink and avoid dilution

As we head into the hot days of summer, our drinks are in serious danger of dilution.

While some insist that using less ice in their G&T will save it from diluting, the opposite is actually true - more ice means a colder drink, which means the integrity of your ice is maintained for longer which keeps your drink fizzy and cold for longer too.

Super cubes chill down your drink quickly and are so much slower to melt than average ice because of how dense they are. They’re truly a gin lover’s dream!

This is also a major plus for any budding mixologists or cocktail connoisseurs.

The last thing you want is for all of the delicately balanced flavours in your cocktail recipe to be lost in diluted ice cube water.

A super cube will keep your mixed drinks colder for longer without losing the impact of your carefully considered flavour profile. Nobody wants a watery Martini or Negroni after all!

The Ice Co. Super Cubes in a G&T recipe

Where Can You Get Them?

Luckily for gin fans, super cubes from The Ice Co. are available at supermarkets across the country, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado and online at The Ice Co.’s website.