How To Make The Perfect Gin and Tonic

The idea of the perfect G&T is one that is often debated amongst gin connoisseurs. What’s the perfect ratio? 1:2 or 1:3? Lemon or lime? Well, we couldn’t decide, so we went to our very own gin expert who broke it down for us.

Following years of work as a bartender, she became accustomed to the style of gin and tonic most people enjoy. The 1:4 ratio is actually believed to be the perfect G&T according to industry standard.

Roll lime to bring out the juice of the fruit before sling.
— Craft Gin Club Gin Expert


  1. Using a jigger, measure and pour 50ml gin into a copa glass.

  2. Add plenty of ice and wedges of lime, then stir

  3. Pour 200ml tonic water and stir again.

  4. Garnish with a pinch of juniper berries and stir again to bring out the botanicals.


50ml gin

200ml Tonic Water



Juniper berries, to garnish

Clem’s tips for making the perfect G&T

  • Add gin first, followed by ice.

  • Gently stir no more the 10 times – this will bring out the botanicals in the gin and help reduce the burn from the alcohol.

  • Use pinch of Juniper berries to garnish but careful not to overpower the rest of the botanicals in the gin!