How To Make The Perfect Gin and Tonic

When it comes to a good gin and tonic, simplicity is key! That said, here at Craft Gin Club, where incredible G&Ts are our bread and butter (so to speak), we’ve been lucky enough to learn a few tricks and tips from all the amazing artisan distilleries and gin brands we work with that will take your G&T to the next level…

But before we get into those tips for the best G&T, let’s start with the basics!



The standard, easy recipe for a gin and tonic requires just three ingredients and ice.

  • Chill your gin in the fridge or freezer first. The colder the gin, the better.

  • Ideally, chill your gin glass in the freezer as well.

  • Fill your gin glass almost completely full with ice. Also: the bigger the cubes, the better.

  • Pour 50ml (a double shot) of gin over the ice. Stir around the edge of the glass gently.

  • Top up with tonic water. Many gin professionals in the industry will encourage you to use around 200ml for every 50ml , but really this is entirely up to you and your personal taste!

  • Stir gently again. Add a slice or twist of lemon or lime to garnish.

(Serves one)

Great! Now you know how to make a gin and tonic. But do you know how to make a really great G&T? Well, we do! Read on…

6 Tips for the Perfect G&T

  1. Choose the right glass


A copa de balon (balloon) glass or a large wine glass are both great options for a gin and tonic. Why? The bulbous bowl creates plenty of space for ice and garnishes while the long stem prevents your hand from warming the drink, and the wide brim lifts the fragrance of the drink!

Another good choice is the highball glass (the tall, straight one), which also lets you add plenty of ice and mixer, and will keep your tipple cool and carbonated. For best results, pop your glass in the freezer before making your G&T.

Read our guide to choosing the right glass for your different gin drinks and cocktails

2. Go big with the ice

guide to gin terminology.jpg

Ice is an essential ingredient for the perfect G&T but remember, this is to chill the drink, not dilute it. So how do you prevent your ice from watering down your gin and tonic? Go big!

Yes, it’s true: the way to avoid over-dilution of your drink is to actually use more and bigger ice cubes, or even one giant ice cube.

Having more ice in the glass will lower the temperature so it will take longer to melt, and will therefore keep your drink cool for longer, without weakening the flavour.

Top tip: When making ice cubes, use warm water in your tray. It creates clearer ice cubes!

3. Choose your tonic wisely


Hands up those of us who used to think they disliked gin, when actually what you didn’t like was the cheap tonic water that was in your first experience of a G&T?! Yep, us too!

It really is worth investing in a high quality tonic - like those you’ll find in our Gin of the Month boxes - to make the most of your beautiful gin.

Top tip: To choose a tonic for your gin, look at the botanicals in your gin. Find a tonic water whose flavours will complement or enhance the natural flavours of your gin, the same way you would if you were cooking!

4. Stir your G&T (Gently)



Push your spoon right down to the bottom of the glass, then move it gently around the rim (i.e. not the way you’d stir your coffee!)

This will ensure that all the flavours and elements are combined and evenly distributed throughout your drink. It will also help cool the drink down.

Check out our guide to stirring and shaking your cocktails here.


5. Get creative with your garnish!

Choosing the right garnish can completely transform your gin and tonic. Chances are, you’ve already tried experimenting with lemon, lime and cucumber - now it’s time to branch out!

Check out our guide to choosing a gin garnish that will complement or enhance the natural flavours in your drink.

Here are 15 of our favourite gin garnish suggestions to inspire you to get creative with your next G&T.

6. The Gin


We’re lucky enough to be living in a golden age of gin, with new bottles and brands of every colour and flavour appearing on our shop shelves every month. While many of these are fantastic, sadly the quality of the gin does vary widely, and the amount of choice makes it almost impossible to know where to start! Why not let Craft Gin Club do the work for you? Each month, we’ll send you a bottle of beautiful bespoke or rare gin from the UK or around the world, along with a gorgeous tonic, mixers, snacks to nibble with it, and a glossy magazine full of cocktail recipes and our ‘perfect G&T’ recipe for the Gin of the Month.

Mastered all the basics of making the perfect G&T? Try these!