The 6 best gin glasses for your favourite cocktails

Are you curious about what glassware you should be drinking your gin out of? Well, ponder no more... because the ultimate gin glassware guide is here! No matter what your budget or your preferred gin cocktail is, there is a perfect glass for you.

The Copa

Gin Tonic with lemon in Copa Glass

Perfect for: Gin & Tonic

The large and wide bowl of a Copa glass is shaped to enhance the botanical aromas in gin, which improves the drinking experience and helps you to truly enjoy the perfect gin and tonic. 

Highball glass gin cocktail

Perfect for: Tom Collins, Red Snapper

A Highball glass is an all rounder for all long gin drinks making them versatile and functional. Load the glass up with ice and enjoy your favourite refreshing ginny tipple! 

Waterford High ball crystal gin glass
Strawberry Martini cocktail

Perfect for: Gin Martini, Gimlet

The Martini simply wouldn’t be the same without the classic Martini glass. It's now synonymous with sophistication, style, and a great drink! The wide brim helps the gin open up whilst the sloping sides prevents the ingredients from separating & supports a skewer of olives (or your garnish of choice!).  

Old Fashioned cocktail glass 640x400.jpg

Perfect for: Negroni

The Old Fashioned glass - or 'rocks glass' - is a short tumbler usually used for serving tan spirits over ice or 'on the rocks'. The wide brim and thick base are crafted so that the non-liquid ingredients can be mashed using a muddler. What better way to drink a short and strong gin cocktail other than in a beautiful weighted glass such as this? 

Dartington Gold rimmed old fashioned glass
Gold gin cocktail in coupe glass 400x640.jpg

Perfect for: Clover Club

The Champagne Coupe is a shallow, stemmed glass with a wide saucer that was allegedly based on the physical shape of Queen Marie Antoinette! It allows the gin to aerate whilst bringing a touch of old school glamour to any occasion. Gatsby would be proud!

Copa glass gin cocktail clover club
Rosemary Champagne cocktail

Perfect for: French 75

A Champagne glass is a glass that oozes sophistication and hints at celebration. So of course whenever you're drinking a fizzy gin cocktail, this is the obvious choice! 

Zalto crystal gin french 75 cocktail glass