22 of the prettiest gin glasses for summer cocktails

You’ve opened your beautiful new bottle of craft gin, the freezer is packed with enough ice to build an igloo, and your entire fruit bowl has been sliced into juicy piles of delicious garnishes… and then you have to spoil it all by serving your gin and tonic into a boring old glass from 1993!

Well, no more: we’ve scoured the shops and found 22 gorgeous gin glasses on the high street that will enhance your drinking pleasure and delight your guests. Happy shopping, gin lovers!

Ombre Gin Glass
£7, Marks & Spencer

This elegant crystal copa is available in orange (pictured), pink, aqua and slate, and we think it’s one of the best-value glasses on the list - at £7 per glass, it looks a lot more chic than the price tag indicates!

A strawberry and black pepper or cherry gin and tonic would complement the warm colours of the glass perfectly.

Pineapple Gold & Glass Cocktail Cup with Metallic Straw
£26, Oliver Bonas

This quirky pineapple gin glass is the ideal vessel for your tropical fruit punches this summer and will certainly have your friends talking! It will also look just as good on your shelf when you’re not using it.

LSA International Polka Large Gin Glasses (Set of 4 )
£48, John Lewis & Partners

Each of this set of four large gin glasses comes in a different pretty pastel shade and has a slight lustrous sheen, too.

These would work particularly well with champagne-based gin cocktails as well as your usual G&T, we think, or a ginny aperol spritz?

Pink Martini Glasses (Set of 4 )
£38.95, Audenza

Add a dash of 1930s glamour to your cocktail party with these pretty purply-pink martini glasses, which also have stylish gold rims. Even when you’re not using them, they’ll be an eye-catching addition to your living room shelf!

These little beauties are crying out for a pretty pink gin cocktail, right?


Copper Martini Glass
£13.01, LoveTiki

As well as looking fabulous, these copper martini glasses are unlikely to shatter if things get a little lively at your cocktail party!

We think a Golden Martini with a twist seems like the appropriate drink to serve in this glass.

‘CORO’ Balloon Glasses (Set of 4)
£36, LSA International

This set of four vibrant, short-stemmed balloon glasses from LSA International is good value for the quality. Each glass stem and base is infused with a different eye-catching colour, adding a splash of colour to your table. Choose from three colour selections: Berry (pictured), Lagoon and Leaf.

We’d serve a fruity Berry Bramble cocktail in these berry-licious gin glasses.

Waterfall Coupe Glass
£14, Anthropologie

How pretty is this delicate rose-pink cocktail glass with gold trim?

We’d absolutely love to serve a tray of sparkling pink grapefruit, champagne and gin cocktails in these on a special occasion!

Artland Peacock Martini Glasses (Set of 2)
£20.50, Beautiful Homes Direct

These stunning emerald and turquoise cocktail glasses are intricately decorated with peacock feathers and shimmering interior that will make the light sparkle and dance through your martini.

‘Mikasa Cheers’ Etched Balloon Glasses (Set of 4)
£19.99, Lakeland

Stripes, spots and swirls adorn these generously sized copa gin glasses. Great value for money, and you’ll also never get confused about whose G&T belongs to who any more!

Why not get your pals to each try a different g&t garnish to match their pattern on the glass and see whose tastes - and looks - the best?!

‘PEARL’ Gin Tumblers (Set of 4)
£42, LSA International

These delicately fluted glass tumblers are made from mouth-blown glass and hand-painted with a sheer, shimmering lustre effect.

You could try making your own colour-changing gin for a really spectacular iridescent effect!

Pryce Gold Rocks Glass
£10.95, Crate&Barrel

This splendid round rocks glass with gold or silver rim would make a fantastic present for the discerning gin lover in your life! It’s also available with elegant silver trim.

We think the burnt amber tones of a Negroni would look stunning when served in this lovely glass.

Pink Ombre Gin Glass
£8, Debenhams

We love the little touch of gold trim on this rose ombre copa de balon gin glass from another high street store providing an elegant-but-affordable option.

Gin Connoisseur Copa Blue Pair (Set of 2)
£35, Dartington Crystal

These handmade gin glasses feature striking ice-blue stems (there’s also a pale green version) and there’s also the option to get the glasses engraved with a message or image of your choice.

Why not try your hand at making your own fruit-infused gin to go into your special glasses? A blueberry gin and tonic, garnished with blueberries, would look amazing!

Metallic Rose Gold Effect Gin Glasses (Set of 2)
£16, Next

Another superb value-for-money option, these shimmering beauties are actually made from glass.

Riedel Optical O Gin Glasses (Set of 4)
£34.95, The Riedel Shop

We like the unusual shape of these gin glasses, which have been designed to imitate the effect of a balloon glass.

‘Bangle’ Balloon Glass in Blueberry (Set of 2)
£42, LSA International on amazon

You can choose from Melon, Blue, Green, Pink and Rose as the colour theme for these eye-catching copa glasses with stylish gold banding.

Gold Diamante Ball Gin Glasses (Set of 4)
£39.95, Mulberry Moon

If you like a little bling with your Singapore Sling, then these glittering gin glasses are for you!

This sparkling peach, prosecco and gin cocktail would look stunning served over plenty of ice in one of these gold and diamante-decorated balloon glasses.

Anton Studio Designs Speckle Gin Glasses (Set of 4)
£34.95, Beautiful Homes Direct

These attractive balloon glasses are flecked with gorgeous droplets of intense colour and will add a vibrant splash of colour to your table (and your G&T)!

We think that garnishing your G&T with a beautiful colour-matched edible flower or two would look incredible when served in these glasses - why not have a look at our guide to using flowers as gin garnishes and see what you can find?

Barwell Cut Crystal Martini Glass
£35, Soho Home

This cut-glass martini glass has a timeless elegance and sophistication that will transport you to another, more glamourous era. Yes, it’s on the pricey side, but it’s a beautiful, high-quality addition to a serious drinks cabinet, and it’s a glass you will be able to use for years to come. We think it would make a good wedding present for any cocktail-loving friends!

A classic Martinez, Martini or Gimlet are the clear favourite choices of cocktail to serve in this glass.

Swarovski Silhouette Gin Copa Glasses Adorned with Crystals (Set of 2)
£34.95, amazon

These generously sized balloon glasses are made from hand-blown glass and decorated with real Swarovski crystals. They come in a beautiful gift box, too.


Gin & Tonic Balloon Glass,
£5, Matalan

This fun copa glass is prettily decorated with gold fringing and the words ‘gin lover’ - at just £5, it could be the perfect present for your best gin pal?!

Cosmo Cocktail Glasses (Set of 2)
£27, Shabby Store

We love the rainbow effect produced by this pretty textured martini glass.

A delicate Lavender Bee’s Knees would look lovely presented in one of these glasses, or you could try making your very own parma violet gin?

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