Week in gin: Haggis gin, plantain chips and gin chimmichurri!

We’ve got a week full of delicous ginspired food recipes this week, from the GINcredible chimmichurri, lemon pancake sauce and a devillishly good chocolate torte. Kick back with your favourite gin and catch up on the news!

They’re so moreish!

Ginny chimichurri - try saying that after a couple of G&Ts...

Everything in moderation, including moderation itself…

It’s a ginny utopia!

A little light relief from dry Jan!

North, South East, West… where’s the UK’s hottest gin spot?

Step down Christmas, Shrove Tuesday - you're up!

A sipping view of Bolivia

Up in the Air with 1724 Tonic Water

Running out of gin is cardio right?

Jam is not just for toast…

This quiz will tell you your cocktail taxonomy

Chocolate? and GIN? and BERRIES? We are in heaven with this gin-soaked bake.

Whip up some tasty cocktails with Scotland's "Other National Drink"

Move over whiskey…