The Guilt-Free Alternative To Potato Crisps You Must Try

Our January Gin of the Month box transported gin lovers to South America with the - La República Amazónica Gin . Another way this was done was through Purely Plantain Chips. It looks like a banana, but this staple food of South America, Africa and the Caribbean has so much more to offer. Meet plantain, your new favourite snack!

As the tenth most vital staple crop of the world, the plantain has found fame and fortune – everywhere but Europe and North America, that is!

Closely related to the banana and sometimes called a ‘cooking banana’, you’ll rue the day you try to eat this fruit straight off the tree. Firmer and more bitter than its relative the banana, plantain comes to life when you cook it. It’s a fantastic side at any meal when it’s freshly fried, cooking to a beautiful caramel brown, but the Purely Plantain Chips in January’s Gin of the Month box are the preferred serve of adventurers on the go.

Purely Plantain Chips.png

These fantastic snacks were born when Stefania Pellegrino and Mark O’Sullivan discovered plantain while travelling in South America. After a long day in a banana plantation, they were served plantain chips alongside their evening beers. They decided to bring their tasty discovery to the UK and have never looked back.

Managing Director Stefania says, “After trying plantains in a small bar in the middle of Ecuador, we knew we had to bring this revolution to snackers in the UK!” From plantain bread to plantain pancakes – both of which are favourites of Stefania – they’re are hugely versatile. “Plantain tastes good with all sorts of flavours, sweet and savoury,” Stefania explains. “They’re also filling, give you energy and at the same time are good for your heart and a natural source of fibre and vitamins.”

Purely Plantain Chips have all these benefits and are a tasty alternative to crisps. Available in three flavours, they’re perfect for snackers on the search for something special. As Stefania says: “We want to inspire people and encourage curiosity by bringing something different to what they eat!”