Don't be mistaken - this DOESN'T contain gin!

We prefer GINuary over dry January, however, we understand that after the Christmas period some feel like a break from the booze will do them good! Even some of our Craft Gin Club members are saving their January Gin of the Month boxes until February!

So for those of you that have been dry since the 1st, firstly - well done! You're stronger gin lovers than us! We may have a little life relief for you in the shape of the Thomas and Evans crisp and sparkling beverage!

Aromatic and bursting with over 20 botanicals, you could be mistaken that you are sipping on a G&T - which makes this drink so brilliant!

T&E No.1



Build over ice in a large copa glass, garnish with a thin slice of green apple and a sprig of rosemary.


175ml T&E No.1
slice of green apple
sprig of rosemary

And for those of you who are still very much off the wagon - T&E also goes beautifully well with your favourite craft gin! Get the recipe here.