Gin And Hygge How To Live A Happier Life The Danish Way

You’ve heard of gin and tonic, even gin and juice, but have you heard of gin and hygge? Pronounced hoo-gah. The concept of hygge stems from Denmark and when translated means ‘fun’. However, a hygge lifestyle means to live cosy and comfortably whilst enjoying the simple things in life, like gin! Enjoying hygge is pretty simple. Chances are you’re already doing it,especially if you are a member of the Craft Gin Club!

1. Unplug with a digital detox and read the latest issue of GINNED!


In this day and age, the concept of unplugging seems impossible. But doing it can do you a world of good. Put your phone on air-plane mode, curl up on the sofa, and grab January’s GINNED magazine and whisk away on a south American adventure.

Meet our Gin of the Month distillers, discover loads of beautiful gin cocktail recipes and also perfect the perfect G&T for this month’s Gin of the Month!

We think it’ll take about an hour to read the mag from front to back, which is also the same amount of time to enjoy a couple of G&T’s, so unplug, uncork and relax!

2. Treat yourself to a ginny day out.

Be it a London gin cruise, or a ginny afternoon tea bus ride, there are loads of hygge things you can in the UK. Hygge is all about creating a nice atmosphere and enjoying the finer things in life. Drinking gin on the move is just that. You will get an atmospheric experience, and a scenic view of your location!

3. Warm up with a nice cup of tea

Because hygge is all about being warm and cosy, the lifestyle trend tends to spike up during the colder month. You can either choose to a enjoy a nice hot gin cocktail or simply a cup of tea in this gold decal mug.

gin mug.png

4. Cosy up with food

We have lots of amazing meals you can cook with gin. From a tasty south American inspired Chimmichurri to a delicious gin and tonic loaf cake you can enjoy with tea.

5. Indulge or should we say gindulge in a nice bath

There’s something about a nice, warm bath that just calms the nerves and refreshes the body. You can even add a drop of G&T bath bomb to really envelope yourself in your favourite thing! Then wrap yourself in a nice warm robe after.

gin+and+tonic+bath+bomb (1).png

6. Create an atmosphere with candles

Oh, don’t you just love the scent of Gin and Tonic floating in the air?! Candles are a key part of hygge, they add to the warm atmosphere attached to the lifestyle. This Gin and tonic candles are perfect!

7. Don’t be too strict on yourself

January is the month where we are surround by messages about dieting, calorie counting “new year, new you!” and what we shouldn’t eat. We believe in moderation here at Craft Gin Club and the real essence of Hyggu is to live a happy simple life, that includes little treats here and there. So have that G&T and enjoy that piece of chocolate. The Willie’s Cacao Milk Of The Gods chocolate in January’s Gin of the Month box is the perfect treat to nibble on if you’re craving a sugar fix! Divinely smooth milk chocolate, straight from Venezuela, it’s simply to hard to resist! Plus, by using code: GIN25 over on Willie’s Cacao website, you will receive 25% your order!