Have we cracked the code for the perfect G&T?

The beauty of craft gin is the versatility of the spirit and every Gin of the Month box we send out to our lovely members, is packed full of ways to enjoy the carefully selected Gin of the Month, with February’s box being our first box to include EVEN MORE ways to enjoy the beautiful craft gin we send…find out more below!

As a nation of gin lovers we have a mutual appreciation for this beautiful juniper-led spirit and Craft Gin Club members in particular take the sampling and discovery of new gins very seriously. However, as like minded as we are when it comes to gin, when we asked you guys your methods to making the perfect G&T the feedback was diverse, to say the least!

Some were very precise about the number of ice cubes needed - enough to chill the glass, but not too many to dilute the gin. Some people squeezed their limes, while others were adamant this would ruin the overall taste and there were even some who felt the was simply no need for a garnish!

But, through a gruelling, analytical process, we think we may have managed to determine the exact elements need for the perfect G&T...

The Perfect gandt.png

So there you have it.

However, as mentioned...one size does not fit all, and while you could apply the measurements and method of the above calculation each time you mix up your favourite drink, you have to consider the variation of flavours of each gin. The right tonic to enhance and compliment the hand-selected botanicals, the perfect garnish to add another level of flavour without changing the structure of the gin, even the right gin glass to hold the cocktail!


We (clearly) take the process of creating the perfect G&T very seriously and we want our members to enjoy each Gin of the Month to it's best abilities! Therefore, kicking off with February's box we will be including:

  • All the ingredients for our members to create the perfect G&T for that month's gin. You will get the perfect tonic, perfect garnish and instructions to really make your gin sing!.

  • We will also be including the staple ingredients to shake up the cocktail of the month - including mixers and flavoured syrups.

To find out about all the new perks in store for Craft gin Club members in 2019, you can read about them here…it’s set to be an extremely gin-filled and exciting year!

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