6 hot gin cocktails to get you through 'snowmageddon'

Snow, winds, rain... needless to say we’re getting used to weather like this! If you're going to be cooped up indoors, why not warm your cockles with some hot gin cocktails? Get through the cold from the comfort of your own home, with a warming tipple or two in hand! Feel like the bring a bit of sunshine into your life and combat sniffles? Then how about January’s cocktail of the Month that might just count towards your five-a-day!

1. Glendalough Hot Toddy

Glendalough gin hot toddy cocktail with cinnamon stick

Image: Glendalough Distillery

Normally made with whisky, we think this classic boozy brew goes better with gin. Get the recipe here.

2. Hot Gin Punch

hot gin punch cocktail

Stuck at home with the whole family? Get to boozin' with this batch cocktail recipe and turn staying in from a drag to a delight. Recipe here.

3. Arbikie By the Fire

Arbikie AKs Gin Hot Toddy cocktail

Image: Arbikie Distillery

Best with our December 2016 Gin of the Month, AK's Gin, feel free to put your own spin on this warming tipple using your own favourite gin! Get the recipe here.

4. Hackney Homebrew

58 Gin Hackney Homebrew cocktail

Image: 58 Gin

Mixed up by cocktail connoisseur, Cocktail Kate, this East London warmer is a superb sipper. Recipe here.

5. Kalevala GINger Tea

Kalevala Gin Ginger Tea hot cocktail

Image: Kalevala Gin

The Finns know how to warm up when the temperatures drop! Take a page out of their book and enjoy this hot, gin-soaked tea. Recipe here.

6. Mulled Sloe Gin

Orange mulled hot sloe gin cocktail with lemon

Image: Kayleigh Dray/Stylist

Do snowy days bring back that Christmas feeling for everyone, or is it just us? Bust out your leftover slow gin for the ultimate warming cocktail. Recipe here.