Do You Live In One Of The UK's Gin Hotspots?

As the UK’s biggest community of gin lovers, we like to think our members offer a unique insight into the wider ginny habits of the nation. And looking at the geographical distribution of our members, we really are a country full of gin lovers! But which of the nation’s regions can lay claim to being the ginniest of all?

It seems that UK gin enthusiasts are scattered far and wide - but while G&Ts are being enjoyed up and down the country at any given moment, there are definite gin hotspots…

Gin Hotspots - Craft Gin Club (1).jpg

Coming top of the table and home to a whopping 19.69% of our members is the South East of England, closely followed by South West England, home to our Christmas 2018 Gin of the Month, Tarquin’s.

But it’s not just the southerners! The North West hosts 10.45% of Craft Gin Clubbers, with Scotland, home to so many fabulous gins, not far behind on just under 10%. And just across the water, Northern Irish gin lovers are a force to be reckoned with, with 2.10% of Craft Gin Clubbers residing in the home of our May 2018 Gin of the Month from Boatyard Distillery.

We are committed to reaching gin lovers in parts of the UK that others struggle to reach, and as one of the only gin clubs that ship to the Channel Islands (and at no extra cost!), we’re very proud to say that 0.59% of our members reside there. Given the relatively small population size, surely makes that worthy of hotspot status! And of course, Guernsey is also home to Blue Bottle Gin, one of the first gins we sent out back in 2015 - and one that featured with us on Dragons’ Den!

Worth an honourable mention are the UK’s other island communities who are in on the act too, with the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight clocking up a combined 1.32%.

And we can’t wrap this up without giving a shout out to the Midlands - while our results are broken down into East and West Midlands, if you combine the two you end up with an impressive 16% - proving that the home of October 2018’s Gin of the Month, Burleighs, truly knows how to get ginny with it!

We’re so proud to have such an amazing community of members all around the country and we’re really excited to continue sending them the very best gin from around the UK - and indeed the world! We’ve kicked off 2019 with our most exotic gin yet in the form of January’s Bolivian La Republica Amazonica and we can’t wait to share what else we’ve got in store. After all, we have a nation of gin experts eagerly anticipating the next gin discovery!

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