This gin gym gear will get us all up and running!

January is the month for resolutions - drink more gin, try different gins, mix more cocktails…although those are mainly Craft Gin Club resolutions. The usual promises we make to ourselves are to lose weight or get fit, but the thought of sweating it out at the gym terrifies us.

If, like us, you need an incentive to grab the gym kit, this collection of top gin gym gear should do the trick...and a promise to yourself of a gin and slimline tonic when you get home of course.

Gin Bunny

This cute and quirky tee from Etsy will brighten up that pilates class.

Let The Good Times BeGin!

Let your legs do the talking in these beauties from RedBubble.

Gym? I Thought You Said Gin!

Stay hydrated with this water bottle from NotOnTheHighStreet that will keep people guessing on the contents! 

Gin Membership

Let everyone know how you role in this jumper from Etsy.

Gin O'Clock

Dab yourself down after a hard workout with this towel from Matalan.

Gin Later

Just don't get the two mixed up...jumper from Etsy.

Bag it up

Need somewhere to store all your new kit? No worries! This bag from Etsy is perfect.