21 things every gin lover needs to do now! How many have you done?

We’re all about creating unforgettable gin experiences here at Craft Gin Club - every month we deliver boxes full of them to our club members all around the UK!

But while joining Craft Gin Club is a guaranteed route to ginny adventure, there are many other exciting juniper-based activities out there worth exploring. Here’s our current top 20 - how many have you already ticked off??

1. Drink a gin from every continent

la republica gin 640x400.jpg

The craft gin boom has well and truly gone global, and there are amazing spirits being created all over the world, with all kinds of exciting local botanicals.

Here at Craft Gin Club, we aim to send at least six gins from outside the UK every year so our members get to sample the best the world has to offer - such as the South American La Republica Amazonica gin from Bolivia our members enjoyed in January 2019. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring! (Although we might let you off Antarctica…).

2. Drink gin ON every continent!

Now, this one might take a bit more time (and money!) but we reckon it’s a good goal - and you might even get to tick off all seven…Antarctic cruise anyone?!

3. Make your own gin at home


If the thought of all that travelling’s got you feeling homesick, never fear! You can have a dabble at make your own gin right in the comfort of your own home, no still required! All you need is some vodka, some botanicals and some patience! Check out our full guide on how to do it here.

4. GIN-dulge yourself at a gin spa

Have you ever wished you could just bathe in gin? Well now you can! Sort of. The Gin Spa in Glasgow uses natural gin botanical-based ingredients in all their treatments - and, of course offer a nice G&T (or two) to enjoy while you relax.

5. Drink a giant gin and tonic

giant gin glass.jpg

What’s better than a nice cold G&T? A GIANT ice cold G&T! We’re still not sure if these capacious copa glasses, which come in at just under 1 litre capacity, are the stuff of dreams or just likely to induce repetitive strain injury, but they’re definitely one for the bucket list…

6. Visit a gin show

A whole weekend filled with gin? Yes please! Last year we had such a blast at The Gin to my Tonic show in Liverpool last year, we’ve signed up for three more of them in 2019! Come to Glasgow in March, Cardiff in July or Liverpool in September to enjoy a wide range of well-stocked-gin and cocktail bars, cocktail making masterclasses, blind taste challenges, presentations from distilleries, tonic and garnish tutorials, and theatrical bartender performances. Plus you can come and say hello to us! Find out more and book your place here.

7. Cook with gin

rose gin cake.png

We’re always on the lookout for more ways to enjoy our favourite spirit - and incorporating them into delicious food recipes is a great one! Every month Ginned!, the club magazine we send our members, includes amazing ginny recipes, from this mouthwatering steak with gin chimichurri sauce, to this gorgeous gin-soaked rose and cardamom cake.

8. Host your own gin tasting party

While there is a big wide world out there to explore, we are strong believers that when it comes down to it, home is where the gin is. So get your nearest and dearest round, line up the gins (if you need to expand your collection, we can help!) and embark on a ginny adventure from the comfort of your own sofa. Check out our handy guide for everything you need to know about hosting a tasting at home.

9. Mix yourself a perfect Martini

The G&T might be our go-to ginny tipple, but there is definitely always a time and place for the most classic of cocktails - the Martini. Particularly potent and dangerously delicious, it’s perhaps the purest way to savour your favourite spirit (apart from drinking it neat, of course). This is a recipe that every gin lover should have under their belt, so check out our guide to mixing the perfect Martini and get stirring!

COLD gin still.jpg

10. Visit a gin distillery

We’re absolutely committed to supporting passionate craft distillers who make our amazing Gins of the Month. The all have amazing stories to tell and there’s noone better to help you learn more about your favourite tipple. With gin distilleries popping up all over the country, many of whom offer tours, tastings and even gin-making classes, chances are there’s one practically on your own doorstep. Check out what happened when we visited the City of London Distillery for a gin-making experience of our own…

11. Go on a gin cruise

Hit the high seas (well, sort of) one one of the many gin cruises now on offer across the UK, from Dorset to Hertfordshire to the River Forth, and beyond. And naturally, the gin is going to have be Navy Strength….All aboard gin lovers!

12. Play a round of gin pong

Is it grown-up? No. Is it dignified? Probably not. But is it loads of fun? Definitely yes! Whether you ginvest in a special gin pong set or just whip up your own DIY version at home, this is one drinking game we can definitely get on board with. Find out more here.

13. Drink gin at the world’s highest bar


If you really want a taste of the high life, head to Ozone bar at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. At almost 500 metres above sea level, you’ll not only be rewarded with panoramic views but also, importantly, some well-crafted cocktails. And while you’re at it, why not check out some more of the world’s most unusual drinking spots here.

14. Get a ginny qualification

Craft Gin Club members get to brush up their gin knowledge with our club magazine every month, but the are ways to make your mastery of your favourite subject a little bit more official. The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) offers amazing courses that will provide a hands-on introduction to the world of spirits (yes, that means there’s tasting involved). Find out more and locate your nearest course provider here.

15. Go on a gin tour of Scotland

We’ve featured some amazing Scottish gins in our Gin of the Month boxes, so we know that some of the UK’s finest distilleries lie north of the border. Giving you chance to visit a whole host of them, as well as some beautiful Scottish countryside, the Scotland Gin Trail is possibly the best road trip in the world. Just make sure you’re not the one driving…Download an annotated map here.

16. Make your own pink gin

Pink gin is big news at the moment - but did you know you can make your very own, raspberry-infused version in the comfort of your own home - with just three ingredients?! Check out the video above and find the full recipe here.

17. Grow your own garnish

Every true gin lover knows the power of a good garnish when making the Perfect G&T. But nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve grown that garnish with your own fairhands. From herbs like rosemary, basil or sage to fragrant rose or lavender, or even potent chilli or zesty lemons, get those green fingers busy! Limited outdoor space? Check out these tips and tricks on garnish growing even in the smallest of plots!

G&T ice lolly.PNG

18. Enjoy a G&T ice lolly

Thought a cold G&T was the most refreshing thing to enjoy on a hot day? Think again! Get things seriously chilled with some super-simple G&T lollies…now, all we need is some sunshine…get the recipe here.

19. Do a gin yoga class

Thought you had to choose between gym and gin? Think again! We frist reported on the gin yoga craze sweeping the nation back in 2017 and it looks like this is one that’s going to run and run. Check out classes in London here and here and keep your eyes peeled for sessions popping up near you!

20. Taste the world’s most expensive gin

Released in 2018 Morus LXIV from Jam Jar Gin is distilled from the hand-harvested leaves of a single, ancient Mulberry tree at a strength 64% ABV and takes more than two years to produce. This super-premium spirit, only available from Harvey Nichols, is bottled in hand-made porcelain jars, and paired with a porcelain stirrup cup. But still - the £4,000 price tag will get you 100 Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month boxes so we’ll leave it with you as to which is better value!

21. Create your own amazing home gin bar

home bar.png

Take your at-home drinking to another level with your very own fully stocked gin bar! Whether you buy-in amazing furniture (like the gin trolley above from Oliver Bonas) and accessories, or go proper DIY, there are so many creative ways to display (and enjoy!) your amazing gin collection. Check out some great ideas here. And if you need help stocking that bar? Well, the best way is with a Craft Gin Club membership of course!