Gin Yoga is the workout we've all been waiting for

At long last, that common dilemma of "gym or gin?" is solved in one fell swoop - thanks to gin loving yogis across the UK who've put together the only exercise we'll ever truly need: GIN YOGA!

Gin and tonic yoga by the sea

The fitness trend first started in Manchester, with a class called 'YinB4Gin' that had gin lovers doing some serious Vinyasa Flow Yoga (the kind of class you'll walk away from sweating!) and seeing themselves rewarded after with an ice cold G&T.

Of course a genius idea like this one spread fast, and in February a Yin Gin Yoga took place in London - and was just as successful. Hosted by Good Yoga Life, the class focused on rejuvenation and the benefits of the 'Yin Yang'-centred approach.

Talking to the Stylist, the Good Life Yoga team explained, 'Yin can be described as stable, feminine, passive, cool, and downward moving. Yang is depicted as changing, mobile, masculine, active, hot, and upward moving. By bringing both yin and yang aspects together we can experience all the benefits of both styles. Ending with yin can release any tension you might have built up during the yang part of your practice and grounds you, relaxing and calming the nervous system.'

And with a gin and tonic to cap off the evening class, it really must be pure bliss.

The next stop on the Yin & Gin Express is Cardiff, where a local gin lover's club has come together to bring the course to their very own corner of the UK. Tickets have just gone on sale for the class (which takes place the 28 July), and if you're lucky enough to snag a spot you'll not only get a Gin Fizz on arrival, but four gin tasters during the session itself.

Downward dog after a few gins? Don't mind if we do.

You can snag tickets to the event here, but if they run out have no fear! It looks like Yin & Gin is taking over the UK one city at a time. So who knows... it might hit your city next!