Fancy a round of 'Gin Pong'? Yes, this drinking game really exists!

We've all seen enough American comedy films to know of the infamous party game, Beer Pong, BUT... did you ever dream of a Gin Pong? Yep, some brilliant booze-lover has combined our favourite spirit with this popular student pastime and created something us ginthusiasts could've only dreamed about! We know what we're asking Father Christmas for this year...

Getting Personal Gin Pong Novelty Game Set

Image: Getting Personal

The premise of the game is simple: you get 12 plastic tumblers to fill with gin (at your own discretion, but we reckon 25ml is a good place to start), two green and two yellow ping pong balls.

Set the balls up six to a side, then toss the balls - aiming for the cups - back and forth until one side's cups have been emptied and only one player is left standing. Not literally, of course, although after six shots of gin we wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

The kit is a product of Getting Personal (you can purchase a set at their website here), and it seems gin lovers have ordered it in droves as it is currently out of stock! But be sure to check back soon to see if you can snag a box for yourself (or for a fellow gin lover this Christmas).

This game is perfect for the Christmas party season! Jazz up a boring old family affair with a game or two, or take your office party to the next level. The possibilities are really endless with this one.

Of course, if you're not fussed about an adorable kit and just want to get your Pong on, you can always D-I-Y a set using some cheap plastic cups at home. Well, what are you waiting for? Happy ginning, juniper fans!