7 Incredible Home Bar Ideas To Show Off Your Gin Collection

There’s one thing people who love gin have in common, that’s of course aside from their love of the amazing spirit! Gin lovers are collectors who absolutely love to display their array of gins. A beautifully stocked bar means you no longer have to go out for a delicious tipple.

Glass Cabinet

With a glass cabinet, not only can you show off your incredible drink collection, this is also a great way to protect your glassware!


This is a more art deco way of creatively displaying your drink at home. A drinks trolley can add a luxurious feel to any room. Whatsmore, thanks to the wheels they’re equipped with, you can roll them around the house. The is particularly great for al fresco dining during the hotter months.

Shoe Rack

This sounds like quite a crazy idea but the size of many shoe racks are perfect for various bottles, especially ones too tall to stand upright, can be laid down.


A simple bookshelf can easily be transformed into a home bar! Due to how wide they usually are, they can store more drinks.

Pantry Display

This storage solution would be great for more organised individuals or those with an incredibly large gin collection!


Another odd, but genius home bar idea, for those who consider themselves DIY pros! An old pallet would be a great and pocket-friendly way to display your gin.

Spice Rack

If you’ve got already got spice rack hanging on kitchen wall, why not convert it into you home bar. It can be used to display your favourite gin!

How To Stock Your Home Bar

Base Spirit

Most likely, you’ve already got the base spirits needed to stock your bar at home, but if you don’t, a Craft Gin Club membership is all you’ll need. Each month, we send member full-size bottles of gin along with ingredients needed for the cocktail of the month and perfect G&T!


For gin drinkers, a well stocked bar not only includes an array of gin, but also mixers like tonics, or if you don’t like tonics, things like bitter lemon, cordial or tomato juice.

Bar Tools

If you’re big on gin cocktails, then you’ll need a sturdy cocktail making kit to mix up a storm. We recommend matching your kit with the decor of the room the bar is in.


Delicious gin cocktails can’t be served in any old glass, they require pretty cocktail glasses to match!

Credit: Main Image, Oliver Bonas