Giant gin glasses are here...but are they TOO big?

Gin glasses come in all different shapes and sizes and any self respecting gin lover will most likely have a nice pair of Copa glasses, in their collection, to hold their beloved gin.

But if you are the type of gin fan who is tired of topping up your G&T, GIANT gin glasses could be the answer to your prayers!

Giant Gin Copa Glass

Image: The Present Finder

A new glass is on sale that’s designed especially to hold almost a litre of gin. Coming in at a 990ml capacity and made of Bohemian Royal Crystal, a set of two of these gin balloons costs £14.99 from The Present Finder 

The measurements are obviously to your liking, however Present Finder suggest: 

1 to 3 parts Gin
3 parts Tonic Water
1 Handful of Fresh Ice
Slice / Wedge of Lime to taste.

Are these the Copas you've been waiting for or are they just a little too big?