17 unbelievable ways you didn't know you could have gin

FACT: there is nothing better than gin. Maybe a gin and tonic. But our poison of choice is truly a versatile spirit, and there are countless ways to enjoy it! In your dinner, dessert, snacks and more... here are a few of the ways you can have your gin (alongside your favourite cocktail, of course).

1. In a G&T (DUH)

Napue Gin and Tonic

This month's Napue Gin makes a crazy delicious one - just sayin'.

2. In a gin-soaked cheesecake

Gin Cheesecake by the Gin Baker

This is quite possibly the greatest recipe ever invented.

3.  In your afternoon cuppa

Kalevala Gin Ginger Tea

Feeling poorly? This hot and boozy tea is just the ticket!

4. In homemade (or store-bought) ice lollies

Franklin & Sons gin tonic ice lollies

Whip up this timeless treat at home with your favourite gin, or head to your local Aldi and get a box to gin-joy!

5. In your breakfast sausage

Gin tonic sausages from McCartney's Of Moira

Northern Ireland is now home to gin and tonic-infused sausages. Your Full English just got a whole lot better.

6. In a packet of crisps

Negroni-flavoured crisps

Negroni- or G&T-flavoured? You choose!


Cheese washed in gin

Cheese washed in gin is the food you never knew you needed.

8. In a tube of mayonnaise

Gin mayonnaise

Bizarre? Yes. Tasty? Try it for yourself and see...

9. Smothered all over your BBQ wings

Gin Honey BBQ wings

Er, excuse us while we go fire up the grill to make these ASAP.

10. In a bar of chocolate

Goodio Cranmary gin chocolate

If you love Napue Gin, you'll go absolutely crazy for this botanical-filled, gin-infused chocolate.

11. In a bag of popcorn

Joe & Seph's gin & tonic popcorn

This crunchy snack is a yes from us!

12. In some seriously tasty pancakes

Strawberry gin pancakes

Complete with a gin strawberry compote, this boozy recipe is flippin' delicious.

13. In a sweet sorbet

Gin Elderflower sorbet

A sorbet that's seriously boozy - and seriously refreshing.

14. In a smoothie

Gin berry smoothie

Why detox when you can retox with one of these delicious drinks?

15. In a decadent ice cream

Cherry Gin Ice Cream with Luxardo maraschino cherries

We cannot get enough of this ice cream recipe.

16. In a boozy seafood recipe

Four Pillars Gin prawns

Pair these boozy prawns with a drink on the side for extra ginny goodness.

17. In a monstrous chocolate milkshake

Easter Gin chocolate freakshake

For a truly decadent dessert, this freakshake is what you need.