For all the gin loving carnivores out there: The G&T Sausage!

Ever thought there was something missing from your full English? Like a G&T perhaps? Then this is perfect news for you!

Yes you heard us correctly...someone has only gone and invented G&T flavoured sausages!

Gin and tonic sausages with schwepps tonic water

McCartney's of Moira in Craigavon (a short drive from Belfast) have developed their own line of alcoholic sausages.

You can buy Koppaberg Pear Cider flavour sausages, or Gin and Tonic Pork sausages to inject even more of your favourite tipple into your life.

It seems Gin and Tonic sausages are only available in a couple of butchers' shops around the Belfast area at the moment, but we are hoping they make their way around the country!