The con-GIN-ment of our dreams is here! GIN MAYO!

It appears that people the world over are GIN-fusing our favourite foods! We've discovered G&T crisps, ice lolliesgin washed cheese and G&T flavoured sausages! But now, one restaurant in Amsterdam have gone one step further and created a ginny condiment.... Introducing GIN MAYO

Gin Mayo at Mossel and Gin restaurant in amsterdam

Mossel & Gin is a seafood restaurant and bar based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, serving up delicious plates of food and wicked cocktails made using one of the 12 types of gin available (including five unique infused gins)! Their love of seafood and gin has lead to the creation of gin-mayonnaise! They say it goes with anything and everything on their menu, but maybe not in the G&T's.... 

Gin Mayo and oven chips delicious dutch food

Gin Mayo was made for the first time in 2014,  by head chef Sten, using the restaurant's blend of typical Dutch "Zaanse Mayonaise" and Bobby's Dry Gin from Schiedam to create the condiment of our dreams. The Gin Mayo has 5% gin in it, that's 2% alcohol! So it's a cocktail sauce with a real punch! It has only been available to sample inside the restaurant, but due to increasing demand, restaurant goers can now take a tube of this delicious sauce home for only €1.95!

Gin Mayo Mayonnaise condiment dutch amsterdam mossel and gin

With fishmongers, wine shops and speciality boutique shops stocking it, it won’t be long until it’s everywhere! And if you're visiting The Netherlands anytime from September onwards it'll be available at Albert Heijn supermarkets. Josh & Wouter, the guys behind the sauce want it to be 'the new whiskey sauce, worldwide'! So we're sure it won't be too long until it appears on our shores!  In the meantime, for those of us in the UK who can't wait until it arrives, you can purchase it online here.

Fries will never be the same again!