These Gin & Honey Wings will take your summer BBQ to the next level

Summer is the best time to hit the garden, fire up the grill and enjoy a ginny tipple or two. So why not pair those tasty Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin cocktails with an equally delicious (and gin-soaked) dish? These Gin & Honey Wings from our resident 'gin chef' Carol are exactly what your next BBQ needs!

I was delighted to hear that this month's gin is from Warner Edwards, as their rhubarb gin is a firm favourite of mine. But honey gin? How unusual!

My first instinct was to make a scrummy pudding with it, but then my family inspired me by asking for one for one of their favourite dishes: chicken wings. 

Chicken wings are so cheap and delicious that we just can't get enough. These wings can be made in advance and eaten hot or cold – but are best eaten with your fingers! They also reheat well, especially on the barbeque. Enjoy!

Warner Edwards Honey Wings

Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin Honey and BBQ Chicken Wings

(Makes 4-6 servings)


2kg chicken wings
1 heaped tbsp sesame seeds, lightly toasted in a dry pan
Bunch of spring onions, finely sliced

For the marinade:
4tbsp light soy sauce
1tsp ginger paste or finely grated fresh ginger
1tsp garlic paste or finely chopped garlic
1 cup runny honey
1/2 cup rapeseed oil
1/4 cup Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin
Juice and finely grated zest of 1 lemon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp fine ground white pepper


First prepare the wings. If they still have the wing tips attached, feel free to cut these off and save them to make chicken stock (just pop them in the freezer in a bag). Now, cut each wing in two at the joint. 

Pop all the marinade ingredients, except the sesame seeds and spring onions, into a large zip lock plastic bag and squelch around until fully mixed. Now add the chicken wings, close the bag and squish the lot around again until the wings are coated.

Leave to marinate for at least one hour, preferably 3 or 4 hours. Once marinated, spread the wings out on a shallow roasting dish so they are in a single layer, and pour any remaining marinade on top.

Roast in a hot oven (425F, 220C Gas 7) for 30 to 35 mins, turning the wings and basting them in the juices during cooking.

When almost all the liquid has gone and the wings are golden brown, remove from the oven, pile onto a serving dish and sprinkle with sesame seeds and spring onions. Serve with griddled lemon halves (cut a lemon in half and pop cut side down on griddle or frying pan until golden). I like to serve these wings with a simply dressed slaw style salad.