Negroni-flavoured crisps? Yep, they exist!

Can’t get enough of what's been called the world's best cocktail? Lidl has you covered. The supermarket chain has released a line of Negroni-flavoured crisps, just in time for Christmas.

Lidl Negroni flavoured crisps

These creative crisps are said to be infused with the flavours of gin, vermouth and Campari liqueur, recreating the cocktail in all of its bitter, balanced glory.

According to Lukas Schmidlin, Lidl’s senior buying manger, the chain’s Negroni crisps went through months of intensive taste tests and flavour development before hitting the shelves.

He said, “Although they are an unusual taste for a crisp, we know from experience that our customers are always interested in trying new, bold flavours.”

The Negroni crisps are, he added, just the first in a long list of ‘exciting Christmas products’ to come. We’ll be sticking with stick with Piper’s Crisps – but if you fancy trying this strange snack, they’re on the shelves at Lidl now!