11 summer Ginfusions that will challenge your loyalty to G&Ts!

If variety is the spice of life, then experimenting with different varieties of gin drinks is the spirit of our soul. One way to experiment with gin outside of mixing quick cocktails is to take longer to mix with different ingredients through infusion. 

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Some would say that gin itself is just an infusion of botanicals in vodka. That’s not completely untrue - there is a type of gin called “compound gin” that you can make in your kitchen with a bottle of vodka and whatever botanicals you feel like adding. It can make for a relatively satisfying drink but it’s certainly not at the level of the incredibly innovative and top-quality distilled gins that craft distillers produce!

For some summer fun and to switch up a bit from your nightly G&T, we’ve put together this compilation of “ginfusions”, recipes that call for gin as their base and which you can infuse with your favourite summer fruits amongst other ingredients to create whole new tastes.

On that note, we wouldn’t use most of the craft gins we know as the infusion process will hide the distilleries’ art. However, a bottle of quality every day gin such as Beefeater or Tanqueray will do the trick. Enjoy these ginfusion recipes on ice to cool off this hot summer! 

Orange - your G&VitC

Source:  Evermine

Source: Evermine

A peachy infusion

A thyme-ly gin

Pink raspberry ginfusion

Cram in the Cranberry

Lemon & Elderflower

Source:  Things We Make


G&Tea with Earl Grey

Source:  The Dusty Rebel

Gin-ger & Lime

Cucumber & lemon

Source:  Martha Stewart

Or why not give your G&T a fair chance and infuse it with fruit?

Source:  Sugar and Charm