Make your own clementine gin liqueur this Christmas - plus a sparkling gold cocktail to serve it in!

For a stunning homemade Christmas gift to your gin-loving friends and family, or as a fabulous dinner party aperitif that looks as spectacular as it tastes, why not try making your own homemade clementine gin liqueur this year? It’s easy, affordable, and delicious!

As for how to serve it, well, we’ve taken inspiration from one of the supermarket hits of the 2019 Christmas food scene - the Marks and Spencer clementine gin snow globe, that comes flecked with pretty gold ‘snowflakes’ (genius!) - and added a little magic in the form of edible gold sparkles to your cocktail!

Check out our gorgeous serving suggestion below - it will have your guests ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ as soon as they see - and taste - it!


Homemade Clementine Gin Liqueur

One 70cl bottle London Dry Gin
4-5 clementines
200g caster sugar
2 star anise (optional)
1 small cube of ginger (optional)

Leave the skins on the clementines but slice into segments. Add to a clean, dry jar or bottle along with the other ingredients - we’ve suggested adding a few star anise and a little cube of unpeeled ginger for a very subtle hint of Christmas spice, but you don’t have to - then seal, give the contents a little shake and leave in a cool, dark place to infuse for a week or two.

Try to give the jar a little shake every few days to help the flavour infuse. You can try the contents at any point to see when you think it’s ready - the longer you leave it, the deeper the flavours will be.

Once ready, strain your gin liqueur into a pretty bottle, wrap with ribbon and labels. The liqueur should be kept in a cool, dark place. It will easily last for six months, so you can make it now and give it as a gift at Christmas without worrying about it going off.

How should I drink my clementine gin liqueur?

You can simply serve your clementine gin liqueur over ice (just a small amount - it is concentrated!) or to give a delicious depth of flavour to your usual gin and tonic (we recommend just 15ml if using a normal single 25ml shot of gin as well). Alternatively, this festive sparkling cocktail below will add a touch of glamour to any Christmas or New Year party!


Sparkling Clementine Cocktail

25ml Homemade clementine gin liqueur
100ml Prosecco
Sprinkle of edible gold stars (such as these from Lakeland)

Chill a wine glass or champagne flute. Add your gin liqueur (25ml does make it quite sweet, so you can start with less and top up if you prefer to play it safe). Top up with prosecco (or champagne/sparkling wine), then stir in a little sprinkle of edible gold stars and serve!

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