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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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The best Christmas cocktail garnish ideas!

The best Christmas cocktail garnish ideas!

Nov 10, 2023

If you’re looking for fun festive cocktail decorating suggestions then we have you covered with this fantastic collection of simple Christmas cocktail garnish ideas.

Whether you’re treating yourself to delicious Christmas gin cocktails at home, looking for a way to upgrade your usual G&T with a wonderful Christmas cocktail garnish or planning to impress a group of your favourite cocktail fans, this feature has everything you need to help go big on your seasonal cocktail presentation.

Christmas is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to decorating cocktails, after all.

These easy Christmas cocktail garnish ideas not only look the part but they don’t take long to create and you can even get them ready ahead of time!

What’s more, these creative garnish ideas use simple, easy-to-find ingredients like fresh herbs and storecupboard garnish ingredients like marshmallows, pretzels and gingerbread men.

That means you’ll have more time than ever to enjoy the festivities with your friends.

So what are you waiting for? Give them a go today!

The best Christmas cocktail garnishes:

Snowy Rosemary Christmas Tree Cocktail Garnish

This Christmas cocktail garnish idea is so quick to make at home. All you need is a sprig of rosemary and icing sugar.

Start by swirling your fresh rosemary sprig in your gin to wet it slightly. Then, fill a shallow dish with icing sugar and dip your rosemary into the dish to give it that lush ‘snowy’ effect! It’s easy peasy.

Apple Star Christmas Cocktail Garnish

Inject some Christmas magic into your festive tipple with this bright yellow fruit star garnish! To make this cocktail decoration, you need a fresh apple and a star-shaped cookie cutter.

This is perhaps one of the quickest ways to upgrade your Christmas punch or Christmas cocktail. Just take a slice of apple and use a cookie cutter to get your desired shape.

We think this shape is the star of the show, but feel free to experiment with other shapes too.

Rosemary Festive Wreath Cocktail Garnish

Who says your door is the only place for a wreath? This rosemary garnish looks the seasonal part - as well as adding a lovely hint of rosemary flavour to your gin cocktail and G&Ts!

Simply bend (and loop) a fresh rosemary spring into a circle, tie the ends together and then place redcurrants on top to add a touch of extra colour to your cocktail presentation.

Snowman & Rudolph Cocktail Garnishes

Fun and entertaining, these creative garnishes will certainly make your gin pal smile. They are simpler than you think to make - and are just as enjoyable to put together…

Marshmallow Rudolph Christmas Cocktail Garnish Idea
Rudolph with rosemary ears, anyone?
Snowman cocktail garnish suggestion
Frosty the snowman might be our favourite!

Find out how to make these adorable garnishes right here >>>

Cucumber Christmas Tree Cocktail Garnish

Cucumber is a refreshing gin garnish at any time of the year and at Christmas, we love to use it to add some festive flair to our G&Ts by turning it into a cute Christmas tree-inspired garnish!

First, grab a peeler and shave a long, thick cucumber ribbon. Then, using a skewer or cocktail stick, thread the ribbon back on itself to create a tree shape. We’ve used a carrot cut into the shape of a star to adorn the top to complete this edible Christmas tree decoration.

Biscoff Spread & Gingerbread Men

Yes, that’s right! We are recommending that you use Biscoff Spread to decorate your Christmas cocktails. Paired with a gingerbread man or two, it is a real festive treat!

Gingerbread man cocktail garnish

This easy Christmas cocktail garnish idea is simple yet effective and works especially well with creamy Christmas cocktails like Eggnog.

All you have to do is use a spoon or knife to spread Biscoff Spread around the rim of your glass and then press crumbled-up gingerbread biscuits into the spread so that it stays where it is.

We then love to add a full gingerbread man to give this Christmas cocktail presentation that extra pizzazz.

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