We made toffee gin and here's what happened...

Nothing says autumn like the taste of sweet and creamy toffee. Think toffee apples on bonfire night and homemade sticky toffee pudding with a big dollop of ice cream...bliss.

Now you can enjoy this seasonal treat either mixed into a beautiful autumnal cocktail, or on its own, over some ice -  by making your very own toffee gin! 

We had a go at making this at CGC HQ and it worked beautifully. It's too easy (and tasty) not to try this at home. Plus, poured into a little bottle with a ribbon and personal tag -  toffee gin would make the perfect gift for a fellow gin lover.

Werthers Original for toffee gin



135g bag of Werthers Originals - the hard toffees, not the soft centered ones.
200ml gin
Large glass jar with tightly fitting lid


Add the Werthers to a food processor and blitz to a powder.
Add the gin and the toffee powder to the jar and give it a good shake.
Continue to shake the mixture every couple of hours throughout the day until the powder is completely dissolved and voila! it's ready.

Toffee gin with straws and christmas streamers

Image: Kitchen Mason

Let us know if you had a go at this and what sweet concoctions you came up with!