We made our very own Parma Violet Gin and this is what happened!

It’s the taste of the moment and the powerful perfume really takes us back to our childhoods - when penny sweets were still a penny! Parma Violet gin is everywhere we look at the moment but it probably wont be appearing in our Gin of the Month boxes…so, we made our own! And this is what you can do with it! Give it a go!

How to make your own parma violet gin


Crush the parma violets in a pestal and mortar, or if you want a finer powder, use a food processor. Combine the gin and the parma violet dust in an air tight mason jar and give it a good shake. Store in a cool dark cupboard and keep giving it a shake for two weeks. After your two weeks is up, strain the contents of the jar into a jug, using a doubled up muslin cloth. Strain back into the jar and then, again, into the jug*.

Pour 50ml of your parma violet gin into a ice-packed copa glass and top up with a classic tonic. Garnish with a lavender sprig and enjoy!

*you may want to repeat the process a few more times to get a clearer liquid.


70cl craft gin
14 x packets of 7g Parma Violets
Air-tight jar
Muslin cloth