Make your own beautiful pink rhubarb gin in just 4 weeks!

Look, it’s never going to taste as wonderful as the rare and craft gins we send Craft Gin Club members each month, but hey, it’s east and fun to make, and looks super-pretty! Yes, it's the vegetable that is also a fruit and can be eaten all year round: rhubarb. Combine it with your favourite gin and hey presto, you have your own pink gin! It even goes towards your 5-a-day… Ok, that bit’s not strictly true. But it really is very easy to make, and yummy. Here’s how to make your own pink rhubarb gin at home.


Pink Rhubarb Gin

(makes 2 litres):

1kg rhubarb stalks
400g caster sugar
800ml of your favourite gin


Wash and trim the stalks to get rid of the base and any leaves. 

Cut the stalks into roughly 3cm lengths and put them in a large jar with sugar.

Give the rhubarb and sugar a good shake, seal the lid tightly and leave overnight.

After 24 hrs, add your favourite gin, seal the jar back up and give it another good old shake. 

Leave in a cool dry place for about 4 weeks and give it a try!

If you want your pink gin to be nice and clear, strain the liquor through a muslin cloth over a funnel. Or if you want more of a rustic look,  ladle it straight into glasses.

Serve with a sprig of mint and your favourite tonic, or topped with soda water for a refreshing long drink.

Time to sink the pink...(gin)!

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