How to make your own rainbow gin in 6 easy steps

Here at Craft Gin Club, our first love is beautiful quality craft gin, such as the bottles you find in our Gin of the Month box. However, gin is also meant to be fun, and we like experimenting with entertaining and delicious ways to drink gin too! We've made pink gin, toffee gin, and even colour-changing gin; but our latest novelty obsession is rainbow gin.

Sure to brighten up any party, whether it’s to create cocktails for Pride, a birthday or summer barbecue, a big batch of five bottles of rainbow gin is super simple to make and looks fabulous!

You can also use the rainbow gin to add a pop of colour to your guests’ gin and tonics!

To make your homemade rainbow gin, just follow the six easy steps below.

Before you start…


You need to start prepping your rainbow gin well ahead of your party; preferably, the day before for maximum results, although if you make it in the morning it should be ready for a party in the evening.

Before you can get to making your rainbow gin, you'll want to stock up on the necessities.

  • 1.5 litres of a decent quality, neutral gin*

  • Roughly 800g-1kg of Skittles

*Don’t use coloured or flavoured gin; if it’s coloured, the gin will just turn brown when the colour from the Skittles seeps into the gin, and if it’s flavoured, the taste of the Skittles will clash!

Also, please don’t use any of the beautiful craft gin we send in our Gin of the Month boxes - it’s simply too good for this fun party drink! And now…..

Time to make a rainbow!

  1. Get your gin pals together to separate all of your Skittles by colour

  2. Using a funnel, distribute the gin equally amongst the glass bottles

  3. Fill each bottle with one colour of Skittles.

  4. Shake each bottle up vigorously, then let it chill in the fridge overnight.

  5. If the gin isn’t taking on the colour of the Skittles as quickly as you need, give the bottles a hard shake now and then to speed up the dissolving process.)

  6. Strain the gin. You can use five new bottles for this process or some other vessel, but once your Skittles have fully dissolved you're going to want to strain the coloured gin to get rid of any candy residue that has gathered at the top.

Et voilà!  You have rainbow gin. Now you can use the gin to create vivid martinis, gin cocktails or simply to add a splash of rainbow colour to your gin and tonic!