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A world of unique, crafted spirits

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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

This miniature classic gin set makes the perfect gin gift!

This miniature classic gin set makes the perfect gin gift!

Nov 30, 2021

Here at Craft Gin Club we scour the globe to find the world’s finest craft gins and share them with our loyal members. It’s a tough job, but someones got to do it! One thing Craft Gin Clubbers love? Tasting and discovering a new favourite! (Whether it’s our Gin of the Month or a rare Discovery Gin).

So welcome our Explorers’ Collection! These carefully curated gin gift sets have been designed to let you experiment, broaden your knowledge and love of gin without having to commit to buying a big bottle every time!

So what’s in these Explorer Gin Collection packs?
Four miniature bottles of some of the best craft gins from across the world. Each has a different theme: classic gin, citrus gin, flavoured gin and pink gin. We’ve worked tirelessly to whittle down the gins in the Explorers’ Collection to showcase a variety of spirits from some of the finest distilleries. Psst - they make the perfect gin gift! Who doesn’t love a stocking filler that costs under £20?

Four classic gins that any gin lover must have in their gin bar!
Four classic gins that any gin lover must have in their gin bar!

This is the pack for those who wish to explore the intricacies of a classic style of gin, expect expressions built around a juniper-forward core with each making use of supporting botanicals to give each a unique twist on a classic.

— Peter Downes, Gin Expert

This collection is the ideal starting point for people for simply love gin and want to know - and taste - a bit more. In this curated Explorers’ Set, we’re excited to introduce you to four of our favourite classic gins - that every gin lover should know about… Clean, crisp and jumping with juniper, they’re guaranteed to delight any ginthusiast. Get ready to dip your ginny toe!

Chalkstream Gold Gin, The River Test Distillery

Chalkstream Gold Gin.jpg

Featured as our March 2021 gin of the month, this fabulous gin is distilled on the banks of the River Test in Hampshire. Made with Maris Otter barley and chalk-filtered water, it’s a beautiful expression of its home in the British countryside.

What does Chalkstream Gold Gin taste like? Ultra-smooth, this gin is juniper-forward across the nose and palate. Subtle, sweet notes of Maris Otter barley can be found along with woody herb tones of rosemary and bay, which all last long into the delicious finish.

What are the key botanicals in Chalkstream Gold Gin? Juniper, Maris Otter barley, coriander, grapefruit, bay, grains of paradise, orris, rosemary, lemon and angelica.

What makes Chalkstream Gold Gin special? Capturing the spirit of Hampshire’s beautiful River Test in each and every bottle, River Test Distillery is situated on the serene banks of the river. They produced this special edition to celebrate Britain’s countryside and the stunning rivers that run through it. Crafted using pure chalk-filtered water, it’s an exceptionally smooth gin.

Inspired by nature, it’s based on two Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - the meadow and the river. The water used in the distillation of the gin comes from the same aquifer that gives the river its ‘gin-clear’ waters. The distiller’s work has since improved river flow and welcomed the return of wildlife - a great gin that does good and tastes good!

What’s the perfect serve with Chalkstream Gold Gin? Serve with Hartridges Grapefruit Tonic and garnish with lemon and cucumber slices.

What’s the best cocktail serve with Chalkstream Gold Gin? A Riverside Sunrise. Bright and herbaceous - it’s a beauty!

Whitby Gin The Demeter Edition, Whitby Distillery

This stunning gin was originally made exclusively for our members in October 2020. It’s a heady London Dry Gin with plenty of bite and lots of wonderful spice and floral notes.

Whitby Demeter Gin.jpg

What does Whitby Gin The Demeter Edition taste like? Rich and fragrant juniper notes are joined by floral tones of heather tip, rosehip and elderflower on the nose. Sweet plum and vanilla flavours then come through on the palate followed by the deep, coastal aromas of pepper dulse, which last through to the deliciously spiced finish.

What are the key botanicals in the Whitby Gin The Demeter Edition? Juniper, heather tip, pepper dulse, plum, coriander, liquorice root, angelica root, orris root, cassia bark, rosehip, orange, hibiscus, lemon, elderflower, cardamom, vanilla and pink peppercorn.

What makes the Whitby Gin The Demeter Edition special? Held on one side by the sea and the other by heathered moorlands, Whitby boasts ancient churches and graveyards, rich folklore and a fossil-strewn coast. Even though he is fictional, Dracula is one of the most interesting figures from the town’s history. From Bram Stoker to Captain Cook, this sleepy seaside town has captured the imagination of many an unusual character.

This Demeter Edition is inspired by the world-famous story of Dracula. For Whitby Gin distillers Luke Pentith and Jessica Slater, their hometown is a natural setting for one of the world’s greatest tales, which inspired them to involve the story while making this gorgeous gin.

What’s the perfect G&T with Whitby Gin The Demeter Edition? Serve with a premium tonic water and garnish with orange slices and black peppercorns.

Whats the best cocktail serve with the Whitby Gin The Demeter Edition? A Full Moon Fizz. Spicy, warming and delectably complex!

GŴYR Rhamanta Gin, The Gower Gin Company

Distilled exclusively for our members on the beautiful Gower peninsula in February 2020, this special gin features pomegranate and rose among its botanicals, capturing the spirit of true love.

Gwyr Dry Gin.jpg

What does GŴYR Rhamanta Gin taste like? Smooth, elegant and intriguing on the palate, the marriage of fruity pomegranate and floral rose takes centre stage as they are enhanced by a bright burst of citrus. The warm glow of those exotic flavours then continues long into the finish.

What are the key botanicals in GŴYR Rhamanta Gin? Juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, fresh pink grapefruit zest, fresh lemon zest, foraged wild fennel, pomegranate seeds and red rose petals.

What makes the GŴYR Rhamanta Gin special? This gin really is a love letter to Gower in Wales. Siân and Andrew met as students in Bristol. They fell in love, travelled South America and then, eventually, got engaged at Macchu Picchu. They settled in Port Eynon in Gower to raise their children.

The couple created a home overlooking the sea, complete with a gin garden in their backyard - where they could enjoy their favourite spirit! The GŴYR Gin Distillery is based there and overlooks the sea. At just 7 square metres, this former bike shed can only fit three or four people along with their still.

The ancient Welsh tradition of ‘rhamanta’, which is the act of divining one’s romantic future, seemed like the best name for this gin, because it captures the romance, magic and passion at the heart of Welsh culture.

What’s the perfect G&T with GŴYR Rhamanta Gin? A citrus tonic with dried rosebuds and lemon slices to garnish.

What’s the best cocktail serve with GŴYR Rhamanta Gin? A Rose Petal Martini. It’s the ultimate pink, rosy martini.

Stranger & Sons Gin, Third Eye Distillery

Stranger And Sons Gin.jpg

This award-winning tipple from Goa (which was our September 2020 gin of the month) is packed with magnificent citrus fruits and spices from India. It’s a must-try for any gin connoisseur.

What does Stranger & Sons Gin taste like? The nose is fresh and full of unique citrus aromas. The palate combines black pepper, juniper and a symphony of warm spices that continue onto a long finish where they are joined by beautiful sweet tones.

What are the key botanicals in Stranger & Sons Gin? Juniper, Indian citrus peels, nutmeg, coriander seeds, black pepper, mace, cassia bark, angelica root and liquorice root.

What makes the Stranger & Sons Gin gin special? Sakshi, Rahul and Vidur were all former business people and entrepreneurs - but after drinking lots of gins abroad, noticed many gin brands were based on a vision of India (like the botanicals and gin names), rather than the true India!

They began tasting more than 400 gins, picking out the flavours they liked best. They knew that they wanted to create a gin with a distinctly Indian flavour profile. And that’s where the magic happened… they were in need of some help - and a mythical creature stepped in. Seeing their struggle to create an authentic Indian gin, she appeared to them in a lucid dream.

Her gift? The names of nine Indian botanicals, which would come together to form the spectacular spirit that Rahul, Sakshi and Vidur had hoped to make. They packed their bags, headed to Goa and built their distillery! The rest is history…

What’s the perfect G&T with Stranger & Sons Gin? Serve with a premium tonic water and garnish with lemon and green peppercorns.

What’s the best cocktail serve with Stranger & Sons Gin? A Mango and Cumin Gimlet. It’s sweeter than the traditional and warmly spiced with cumin. Delish!

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