How to make your own rainbow gin in 6 easy steps!

Halloween, Christmas parties, birthdays - autumn and winter are bursting with opportunities for you to get creative and try gin in a brand new way! We've made pink gin and toffee gin, but our latest novelty obsession is rainbow gin.

Rainbow gin is super simple to make. Just follow the 6 easy steps below!

1. Stock up on the goods.

Skittles candy

Image: Skittles

Before you can get to making your Rainbow Gin, you'll want to stock up on the necessities. Five glass bottles (such as these from IKEA), 1.5 litres of a decent quality gin and 700g-900g of Skittles are all it takes to make this colourful concoction.

2. Start the prep work.

Skittles candy separated by colour

This step will take some time, but to achieve those bright colours in your gin it's a must. Separate all of your Skittles by colour and set them aside for the gin-making to come.

3. Put the gin in the bottles...

Straining alcohol skittles vodka

Image: Mix That Drink

Using a funnel, distribute the gin equally amongst the glass bottles. Then, fill each bottle with one colour of Skittles.

4. ...and shake it all up!

Skittles alcohol separated by colour 640x400.png

Image: Thou Shalt Not Covet

Shake each bottle up vigorously, then let it chill in the fridge overnight. Try to check in on the bottles as much as you can, giving them a hard shake now and then to speed up the dissolving process.

5. Strain the gin.

Rainbow alcohol Skittles

Image: The Coupon Project

You can use five new bottles for this process or some other vessel, but once your Skittles have fully dissolved you're going to want to strain the coloured gin to get rid of any candy residue that has gathered at the top. Strain the liquid into a new glass bottle, or strain the gin into another container, wash your original bottle and funnel back into the original container.

6. Et voilà! You have rainbow gin.

Various rainbow cocktails

Image: Libation Gear

Repeat the process until you have five bottles of bright gin! These would look great on the bar during a party, or can add some fun to simple G&Ts by infusing them with a bright colour. However you choose to enjoy, be sure to enjoy responsibly!