Week in Gin: The Ultimate Gin Tour, Sophisticated Cocktails & Gin Yoga

It's finally the weekend! Which means it's time to catch up on all the amazing news from this week! From gin yoga to Jon & John's Marylebone Gin Tour, there's lots to read up on. 


For seekers of spectacular flavour, only one name will do: Fentimans. (And look! The pink grapefruit tonic water makes such a pretty G&T)!

Gin Yoga is the workout we've all been waiting for!


Gym or gin? Say goodbye to this dilemma with GIN YOGA!

Cocktail: Lady Marylebone


Try making this beautiful cocktail that brings out the best in July's Marylebone Gin.

If you've done 13/19 of these things you're a real gin lover


Explore the marvellous pleasure gardens that inspired July's beautiful Gin of the Month

8 Photos of Dogs With Gin


Furry friends + Gin = 😍

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