If you've done 13/19 of these things you're a true gin fan

So you say you love gin... but are you really a fanatic? Do you spend your day dreaming of the perfect G&T, or perhaps you are pretty particular about your gin garnish? Is gin delivery day you favourite day of the month?

If you've ever done at least 13 of these you sure are!

1. Ordered a double gin when all of your friends got a single.

Two measures are better than one.

2. Insisted on having the correct garnish for your G&T – or not having one at all.

‘A GRAPEFRUIT in my HENDRICKS? You’ve got to be kidding me.’

3. Bought a cabinet JUST to house your gin collection.

And you’re already running out of space!

4. Joined Craft Gin Club.

OB-viously this is how you discover your finest gems.

5. Turned your nose up at someone ordering a vodka Martini.

James Bond was WRONG, okay?

6. Got crafty with your empty gin bottles.

If there was an IKEA for gin furniture you would basically live there.

7. Ordered your tonic online.

Because you really need your Pink Grapefruit Fentimans and Sainsbury’s simply isn’t delivering.

8. Invested in *real* gin glasses.

Our favourite hobby: sipping out of a copa glass and feeling like a king/queen.

9. Had gin before noon.

This is literally why Red Snappers were invented.

10. Tried to make a fancy gin cocktail and succeeded.

Your Instagram followers loved it.

11. Tried to make a fancy gin cocktail and failed.

Ted Barney how I Met your Mother HIMYM bartending gif

Image: Narcity

Anything with dry ice or fancy garnishes is a no.

12. Turned a friend into a gin fan.

There is no bond like that between Gin Pals!

13. Counted gin as a ‘healthy’ drink.

Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation salad gif

Image: Buzzfeed

I mean, compared to a pint...

14. Went on a midnight gin run.

Running out of gin is the real rock bottom.

15. Taken your favourite gin on the go.

Train, park… you never know when the thirst will strike.

16. Made any sort of bake that includes gin.

Gin & Tonic Cake?! GIN CHEESECAKE? *drools*

17. Tagged your friends in a hilarious gin meme.

‘Gym? I thought you said gin!’

18. Travelled out of your way to visit your favourite distillery.

The perfect holiday.

19. Celebrated gin o’clock.

Cheers to gin!

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