8 Photos of Dogs With Gin

These pups show that gin isn't only appreciated by humans, despite not being able to drink it themselves. It's a dog's life. 

1. Check out this balancing act

Go home, Daphne. You're drunk. #gindog #iveheardofwhitedogliquorbutthisisridiculous

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2. This dog doing a great impression of me the morning after enjoying too many G&Ts

3. Have you seen a happier dog?!

4. Cuteness Level 100.

5.  This pair who love it when their owner gets a gin delivery from Craft Gin Club 

6. A very fearsome guard dog protecting important stock 

7. "G&T for the human and a bowl of water for me please, bartender"

8. This cheeky dog who just wanted a small sip 

Didn't take her long ... #gindog #weimaraner #tooclever #furbaby

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BONUS PHOTOS! For the cat lovers!

#ginstagram #craftginclub #occitangin Occitan gin rhubarb Collins #gincat

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Mesmerised by the Liquor #gincat

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