How To Show Love To The Gin Lover In Your Life This Mother's Day

We all have our own ways of expressing our affection, and different people want to be shown love in different ways – their love language! In his 1995 book The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman identified five of these so-called ‘love languages’. Here’s how to make the gin lover in your life feel adored, whatever language their love speaks.

Acts of Service

If your best friend or better half values acts of service, it means they feel most loved when you do practical things to make their life easier. Picking up their prescription, doing the laundry or cooking a meal, with gin will prove to your other half that you think about them, and consider ways you can make their day-to-day life easier. The gin lover in your life who values acts of service will be thrilled to come home after a long day at work to find you with a gin and tonic ready to go, or their favourite gin cocktail freshly strained into a glamorous cocktail coupe. Or if you consider yourself a bit of a handy manny, then these DIY Gin Gift ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Words of Affirmation

If words of affirmation is your gin fan’s love language, they’re looking to hear how special they are. They want compliments and kind words, poems and sweet asides. So, the next time the gin lover in your life brings out a beautiful new bottle, tell them how much you love it! Make sure to thank them when they hand you a drink, introduce you to a new bar, renew your Craft Gin Club subscription or make a magical gin cocktail for you to enjoy. Don’t let your ginny appreciation go unremarked! Tell your gin pal they’re the gin to your tonic with one of these gin quote posters.


Quality Time

For those gin fans who adore quality time, sitting side-by-side on the sofa with a gin and the TV remote might not be good enough! These gin lovers want your undivided attention, a few moments or hours where you can be wholly together away from the tumult of daily life. Take this gin lover to a gin spa for uninterrupted relaxation (The Gin Spa near Glasgow even incorporates botanicals into their treatments), book a gin tasting or even visit one of the many distilleries in the UK that offer workshops where you can make your own gin together!


Receiving Gifts

This love language certainly speaks for itself! A gin lover who values receiving gifts wants tangible proof of your affection. What better than a cocktail book, a bottle of the latest craft gin you know they’ll love, or – even better – a subscription to Craft Gin Club?


Physical Touch

Is the gin lover in your life always glowing when you hold their hand, give them a hug or peck them on the cheek? They might speak the love language of physical touch, where proving your connection through literal connection is the ultimate. If this is your significant other’s love language, proving your affection couldn’t be simpler: enjoy a G&T together, holding hands, in their favourite gin bar.

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