This could possible be the prettiest gin bar we've seen!

The rose petal garnish in Craft Gin Club’s February Gin of the Month box put our members in the mood for some fun, floral cocktails! Welcome to The Florist – a cocktail bar filled with flowery delights!

The Florist

24 Hardman St,


L1 9AX

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Journey into a floral world of fragrant gin cocktails, culinary delights and charming décor! As The Florist’s Carolyn Hughes says, “We believe in the fundamental principles of floristry, to charm each of the senses.”

The Florist in Liverpool opened its doors last February, and in just 12 months has established itself as the city’s most stunning – and most Instagrammable – cocktail bar. It’s The Florist’s beautifully crafted interiors which set it apart. The architecture of the Grade II listed building is complemented by the floral installations and bespoke art by Gemma Compton. Carolyn explains, “We aim to intrigue and uplift our customers by creating sensory moments.”


She continues, “The Florist has a variety of moods to match any occasion.” With high ceilings and large windows, it’s a bright, spacious place to enjoy brunch or afternoon tea. At night, the log fires in the main bar and lounge transform it into a cosy, intimate space.

It’s an idyllic spot for romance to bloom. “The floral design melts ladies’ hearts, from the moment they enter the grand foyer and notice the two beautiful blossom trees,” says Carolyn. In the last year, The Florist has been the venue for countless engagements, pre-wedding meals and wedding receptions. Carolyn says, “We hope to see many more.”

If love is in the air, it’s also in the gin! The 45 gins behind the bar have been selected with the utmost care. Carolyn explains: “There is a balance to finding the right gin. There are new ones out every week and they all want to be in our bar. We want to select gins that people will acknowledge as their local favourite, which also fit with our brand and have the right back story. They have to hit all the right notes!”

These gins are then used to craft the most exquisite cocktails. Carolyn laughs, “We are called The Florist and it would be wrong for us not to play on that, and come up with unique drinks with simple floral twists.” The Germanium & Lychee Cooler and Rhubarb in Bloom are two sensational gin tipples to sample. Meanwhile, the Gin Vases are marvellous to share with your partner or Gin Pal – especially the mysterious Secret Gin Vase. Let’s all raise a glass, and toast love, life and gin amongst the blossoms!

If you’re in England’s southwest, why not head to The Florist Bristol?