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Quiz: Take our 1920s quiz and find out which notorious character you are (and your fave cocktail!)

Quiz: Take our 1920s quiz and find out which notorious character you are (and your fave cocktail!)

Jul 15, 2021

To celebrate our amazing July Gin of the Month and the stunning Chemist American gin, we’re hopping over to the other side of the pond to take a look back at the Prohibition era.

We’ve got a lot to thank the Prohibition era for - perhaps not the increase in crime and gangsters - but many of our most delicious cocktails and bar culture! If you’ve ever wondered why Gatsby parties, Speakeasy bars and Prohibition cocktails are all the rage, it’s down to this era. Whether you’re hosting your own Prohibition/Gatsby party, or perhaps wish you could live through the roaring twenties, take our 1920s quiz and find out which character you are and the cocktail that suits you best… Chin-chin!

Question 1:

speakeasy bar.jpg

You’re hosting a prohibition party. Where is it located?

1) An opulent ballroom in your monstrously ornate mansion (1 point)

2) A small, intimate speakeasy in the basement (2 points)

3) You don’t mind, as long as there’s beautiful art on the wall (3 points)

Question 2:

How do you choose to decorate your party?


1) Ornamental chandeliers and gold mirrors (1 point)

2) Dim lights and curtains to keep things private (2 points)

3) Crushed velvet draping and art from Europe (3 points)

Question 3:

Prohibition Party.jpg

Who’s invited or allowed in?

1) 150 upper echelons of society - by invitation only (1 point)

2) It’s strictly a small crew - to not attract any attention (2 points)

3) Other esteemed artists (like Pablo Picasso and Matisse) and writers (3 points)

Question 4:

Champagne Fountain.jpg

What are the drinks on offer to guests?

1) Champagne, champagne and more champagne (1 point)

2) A Martini (2 points)

3) You love a good cocktail like a Mint Julep (3 points)

Question 5:


What are people wearing?

1) A dapper tuxedo suit or a flapper dress, beads and a feathered headpiece (1 point)

2) A ‘little black dress’ as inspired by Coco Chanel (2 points)

3) Whatever is comfortable - you don’t need to make a statement with your attire. (3 points)

Question 6:


What about entertainment for your evening?

1) A guest appearance from Louis Armstrong (1 point)

2) A Black Jack table or jazz band (2 points)

3) Professional dancers doing the Charleston (3 points)

Question 7:


What food will be on offer?

1) Lobster canapés and caviar rolls (1 point)

2) Sardine sandwiches and devilled eggs (2 points)

3) A slice of upside-down pineapple cake (3 points)

Add up your points and discover which character and cocktail you are!

If you scored 7 or less you’re: Zelda Fitzgerald or F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald: You’re the life and soul of the party, just like the very popular F. Scott Fitzgerald was. You love throwing out-of-this-world get-togethers with the great and the good. Some would say the hostess of the mostess… So pour yourself a French 75 and party like it's 1920 and you're a famous author to boot!

Zelda Fitzgerald: You are a woman of many talents, like Zelda Fitzgerald (a writer, dancer and socialite to name but a few). Your presence is unforgettable, which is why F. Scott Fitzgerald (her husband) based many of his characters on her, calling her ‘the first American flapper’. The glamour! It’s time to knock back a French 75 and have some fun...


The ultimate French 75 cocktail recipe is right here.

If you scored between 8 and 14 you’re: Greta Garbo or Charlie Chaplin

Greta Garbo: Just like Garbo, you may come across as ark and dramatic at times but there's a gin-loving party girl inside you! A glamorous movie star, and seriously iconic - Garbo was one of most popular motion-picture stars of the 1920s and ’30s. Your tipple of choice? An espresso martini - bittersweet and rich like many of her characters.

Charlie Chaplin: You’re the star of the show - and you know it! Like Charlie Chaplin, one of the biggest stars of the silent-film industry, you might not be wearing a bowler hat, moustache or rocking a cane, but you love being in the limelight. And it suits you! Time to enjoy a rich espresso martini, or two...


This gin espresso martini recipe is incredible…

If you scored 15 and above you’re: Gertrude Stein or Ernest Hemimgway

Gertrude Stein: You have an extensive art collection and appreciate the finer things in life. Just like Stein, you are well loved and respected by many creatives around the world (as Stein was a muse of Picasso, after all!). Your favourite tipple of choice is a strong drink, so pour yourself a Negroni and kick back!

Ernest Hemingway: You have a real way with words, just like Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway. What you say is impactful - when you speak, others listen. Whilst you enjoy good literature and hunkering down with a book, you’re also the dream party guest. So let the invites roll in, and treat yourself to a Negroni in the meantime…


Our favourite Negroni recipe is a click away at this link!

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