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A world of unique, crafted gins

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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted gins

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Hop across the pond with Craft Gin Club's July 2021 Gin of the Month box!

Hop across the pond with Craft Gin Club's July 2021 Gin of the Month box!

Jul 3, 2021

Craft Gin Club’s July 2021 Gin of the Month box is taking lucky members across the pond for some state-side fun.

With a stunning craft gin from, North Carolina, which has been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic - it won Double Gold at the Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards in London and Bronze at the American Craft Spirit Awards 2020 - we can’t wait for members to dive into this month’s box.

Of course, as always, there is a vast array of mixers and snacks specially selected by our team of experts to accompany the gin and help members to get into the American spirit.

Find out what’s inside Craft Gin Club’s July 2021 Gin of the Month box below. However, be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

Craft Gin Club’s July 2021 Gin of the Month box:

Chemist gin

Our July 2021 Gin of the Month:
Chemist American Gin

Craft Gin Club's July 2021 Gin of the Month, Chemist American Gin.jpg

Distilled amongst North Carolina’s gorgeous Appalachian Mountains by Chemist Spirit’s founder (and all-around superwoman) Debbie Word, her daughter Danielle Donaldson and son-in-law James Donaldson, this craft gin has a huge helping of family spirit and more than a few drops of American history and ingenuity.

Ideal for enjoying through summer, this is a light, bright, botanical-forward gin that’s brimming with notes of citrus, rose and spice that are the perfect complement to that quintessential juniper flavour we know and love. It’s a taste of the USA like none we’ve had before!

The wonderful team at Chemist Spirits have created a gorgeous July 4th-themed cocktail especially for Craft Gin Club members:

Find more of the Chemist Spirits range at this link!

Mulberry Creek
Tonic Water and Bitter Lemon

Launched exclusively through Craft Gin Club!

Mulberry creek tonic water
Mulberry Creek Bitter Lemon.jpg

We are in love with Mulberry Creek. Their incredible range of mixers are absolutely delicious and they boast a reduced carbon footprint, come in a recyclable can and are made with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. They really are the perfect way to enhance your favourite craft gins!

Members can find both Mulberry Creek Tonic Water (which is fantastic in our July 2021 Perfect G&T) AND Mulberry Creek Bitter Lemon in this month’s box. Both are fantastic partners to our July Gin of the Month and many more craft gins, whether enjoyed in a G&T or mixed into a gin cocktail or two.

Get more Mulberry Creek right here!

Our July 2021 Perfect G&T

Craft Gin Club's July 2021 Perfect G&T.jpg

Mixing Chemist American Gin with Mulberry Creek Tonic Water, slices of lime and blueberries, this mouth-watering G&T is a celebration of summer.

The light and complex botanical notes of the gin are a delectable match for the subtle quinine and full-bodied citrus tones of the tonic water. Together, they make for a tongue titillating combination. The zesty lime and sweet, tart blueberries then take this G&T to the next level - watch as the blueberries turn the tipple a drop-dead-gorgeous shade of pink!

Bodega Bay Elderflower with Lemon & Mint

Bodega bay sparkling water

Hard Seltzers are taking the world by storm! If you haven’t tried one yet then Bodega Bay is the place to start. Named after California’s iconic Bodega Bay and the surfing-obsessed, mindful mavericks that frequent the area, these premium hard seltzers are low alcohol, free from sweeteners, artificial colourings, preservatives, glutens and allergens.

Bodega Bay Elderflower with Lemon & Mint has an ABV of just 4% and is packed full of floral, citrus and herb flavours that make it just as delicious when sips on its own as it is when mixed with gin. What’s more, in that ready-to-go can, it’s perfect for summer picnics!

This beautiful tipple is available on the Craft Gin Club online shop at this link!

Penn State Sour Cream & Chive Pretzels

Pennstate baked pretzels

Penn State was the very first brand to introduce authentic American-style Pretzels to the UK and we are SO glad they did. Crunchy and full of incredible flavour, their moreish pretzels are made with wheat and potato and coated in a lip-smacking seasoning that will keep your taste buds thoroughly entertained.

Their Sour Cream & Chive pretzels are rich and herbaceous and have a gloriously crunchy texture that makes them perfect for enjoying with your favourite gin drinks, whether taken on a picnic or enjoyed in the garden this summer.

Luscombe Organic Sicilian Lemonade

Luscombe lemonade

Based in the heart of Devonshire’s picturesque countryside, Luscombe Organic Drinks lays claim to being the first drinks brand in the UK to be certified as organic. For each of their soft drinks, juices and mixers, they only use the best raw ingredients (no extracts, only carefully sourced whole fruit!), which are blended with Dartmoor spring water drawn from a spring on their farm. Their dedication to quality is relentless and the result is amazing flavour!

Luscombe Organic Sicilian Lemonade is their divine take on the classic still lemonade. With a true, thirst-quenching artisan feel, it has beautifully sharp lemon tones that come from real Sicilian lemons harvested from groves on the side of Mount Etna, which are then rounded out wonderfully by a hint of Madagascan vanilla. It’s an utter delight that’s sure to conjure images of the classic American lemonade stand with every sip.

Discover more of Luscombe’s marvellous range on the Craft Gin Club online shop by clicking right here!

Copperpot Pecan & Maple Fudge

A bespoke edition made especially for Craft Gin Club members!

Copperpot fudge

Copperpot’s incredible fudge never fails to make us drool. Made in St Ives, Cornwall, by the Orchard Valley Foods Group, it is the perfect way to give yourself a sweet treat while you enjoy a gin cocktail or two.

Copperpot Pecan & Maple Fudge is a bespoke edition that has been made specifically for Craft Gin Club members. Full of fragrant maple syrup and rich, nutty pecan flavours, both of which are quintessentially American, there’s no better partner to Chemist American Gin. They are delicious simply nibbled as you sip and make for fantastic baking ingredients. Craft Gin Club members are in for a real treat when they try this special fudge!

You can find more fabulous fudge from Copperpot’s range on our online shop at this link!

ManiLife Peanut Butter
Deep Roast Smooth
and Original Roast Smooth

Manilife Peanut butter

Craft Gin Club members have the fabulous opportunity to try two different flavours of peanut butter this July - the peanut butter fiend in every one of us is squealing with excitement!

ManiLife makes some of the tastiest peanut butter on the planet using Argentinian peanuts grown on a family-run farm. They roast the nuts and blend them in small batches for a stunning peanut flavour profile and a creaminess that will always leave you wanting more.

Members can find two delectably smooth flavours of ManiLife peanut butter in their July box. Their Deep Roast Smooth edition is mind-blowingly delicious, with a creamy texture and a richer, darker peanut flavour profile. ManiLife Original Roast Smooth is silky and creamy in the most delightful ways. Both are vegan-friendly, made with 99.1% hi-oleic peanuts, 0.9% salt and absolutely no palm oil or added sugar. Give them a go in a classic American PB&J sandwich or in a gin cocktail.

The Curators Smoky BBQ Almonds

With almonds sourced from America, this moreish snack immediately made us think of North Carolina’s world-class barbecues.

— Duncan Carr, Craft Gin Club's Head of Partnerships

The curators almonds

The Curators are a group of food-loving, flavour-fanatics led by Max and Ed, two friends who travel the world searching for fabulous ways to give their remarkable snacks a mouth-watering twist. What’s more, they are always nutrition-focused, aiming to make their snacks a great healthy alternative.

The Curators Smoky BBQ Almonds are made with almonds sourced from America and are full of delectably rich, moreish smokey flavours as though they were straight off the barbecue. They are fantastic for enjoying with a crisp G&T!

Get more snacks from The Curators here!

Our July 2021 cocktail syrup and Garnishes of the Month:
Lime & blueberry garnishes and Peach Gin Iced Tea cocktail syrup

Cocktail syrup and garnish

In each box, Craft Gin Club members can find the main ingredients for our monthly Cocktail of the Month and Perfect G&T recipes.

This month, members can use our bespoke Peach Gin Iced Tea cocktail syrup to create Craft Gin Club’s Peach Gin Iced Tea, our July 2021 Cocktail of the Month.

To create our July 2021 Perfect G&T, members can find two carefully selected garnishes: dried lime wheels and blueberries. The blueberries add their deliciously tart and sweet flavour to the G&T, whilst also turning it a gorgeous pink colour, and the fragrant lime slices add a mouth-watering citrus hum.

Members can top up their supply of this syrup and these garnishes by clicking on this link!

Our July 2021 Cocktail of the Month:
Craft Gin Club’s Peach Gin Iced Tea

Chemist gin

Craft Gin Club’s Peach Gin Iced Tea is a beautiful mix of Chemist American Gin, with its scrumptious combination of floral, spice and citrus notes, and the wonderfully bright, vanilla-tinged Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade. Our Peach Gin Iced Tea cocktail syrup then adds luscious mellow stone fruit flavours and rich tea notes that make the cocktail truly special.

Fruity, citrusy, light, bright and refreshing, it’s the perfect boozy iced tea cocktail to enjoy under the summer sun.

If you got our July Gin of the Month box then you can find everything you need to recreate this gin-credible cocktail on the Craft Gin Club online shop in one amazing bundle. Just click right here to get the bundle!

Our July 2021 edition of GINNED!

GINNED! magazine.jpg

GINNED! is our glossy club magazine and our July 2021 edition is packed full of gin-credible food and drink recipes, guides and games along with everything you need to know about July’s Gin of the Month.

You can purchase GINNED! magazines at this link!