Pink gin and raspberry lemonade is just the tipple for a long, hot weekend

Would you agree that a hot summer’s day calls for something a little tart, a little refreshing, and perhaps just a little boozy? Yes? Well, this delicious pink gin and raspberry lemonade ticks all the boxes!

The natural pink juices from the raspberries will give this drink it’s lovely rosy hue, so you don’t need to use artificially coloured pink gin (unless you want to!), and it also is just as yummy with tonic to replace the lemonade - we recommend using a rose lemonade for an extra touch of floral flavour. Enjoy!


Pink Gin & Raspberry Lemonade

30g raspberries
50ml gin
200ml lemonade (also works with tonic!)
Splash of limoncello (optional)

Save three raspberries for garnish. Muddle the remaining raspberries very gently in the bottom of your glass, then add lots of ice. Add your gin and lemonade, plus a dash of limoncello for a little extra kick, if you like! Stir gently for a minute, until chilled. Garnish with fresh raspberries and serve.

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