12 Ice Cube Hacks That Will Impress Your Drink Buddies Next Gin O'Clock

The sun is back and warming us up again, and like typical Brits, we’re already thinking spring has sprung. We’re thinking of exciting ways to jazz up our drinks. We’ve got fun things you can do with ice cubes that will not only Impress your gin pals but also upgrade your cocktails.

Frozen Juniper Berries

Increase the juniper kick of your gin with frozen juniper berries.

Juniper berry ice cube.png

Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

Ever wondered how your favourite bars have crystal clear ice cubes, but yours are always cloudy? Here’s the trick, you’ll need to boil the kettle first as this gets rid of all the gas from the water.

Round Ice Cube

Square cubes are fun but round cubes are even better! With some cocktail glasses, they look even better in the drink.

round ice cubes.png

Frozen Lime

Never run out of lime again! Buy a bag of lime, slice them in small triangular wedges and add to your ice mould with freshly boiled water.

Bonkers Garnishes

We’ve tried our fair share of fun gin garnishes, including lime fingers, mango and of course pomegranate! Freezing them will keep them fresher for longer, and add a new level of taste to the classic G&T.

Floral Ice Cubes

If you’re a big fan of floral gins then you can treat your self to these edible flower ice cubes. Not only will they make your drink taste better, but they’ll also look amazing in the glass!

Frozen Raspberry

There are many pink gin lovers out there. When we sent the raspberry-infused Manchester Gin last year, we realised quite how many of you there were. Treat yourself to a delicious raspberry gin cocktail and up the raspberry taste with some raspberry ice cubes!

Frozen Lemon Slices

If lemon is your garnish of choice when making the perfect G&T, then why not slice some lemon wheels and freeze them, you’ll have ice and garnish all-in-one.

Herb Ice Cubes

Your fresh herb cocktail just got tastier… as if that was eve possible! Elevate your gin basil smash, or rosemary and thyme cocktail, by adding turning the herb into an ice cube.

Melon ball Ice Cubes

Fancy a G,C&T? That’s a Gin, Tonic and Watermelon for those of you who don’t speak acronyms. Freeze some melon balls and add them to your next Gin and Tonic, we guarantee you’ll be thanking us, just after one sip!

Mint Ice Cubes

Who doesn’t love a mojito, we’ve even got a Gin Mojito recipe you must-try! Add some mint leaves to your ice mould to add a refreshing taste for your next tipple!

Tonic Water Glow in The Dark Ice Cubes

Drinking in the dark just got even more fun thanks to glow in the dark ice cubes, made with everyone’s favourite, tonic water!