10 bonkers but beautiful gin garnishes you have got to try!

Gone are the days of adding a thin, sad looking slice of lemon to your G&T (although we do like a lemon wheel every now and then!) We have put together a list of garnishes you wouldn't necessarily choose to enrich your favourite tipple, but trust us - these are life changing! 

Cracked Black Pepper

strawberry and pepper gin and tonic

Traditionally used as a seasoning, the thought of sprinkling a black pepper in your gin and tonic may seem a little bizarre. However, bear with us, muddle a couple of strawberries and a good twist of freshly ground black pepper and stir in your G&T and viola! It just works…

Lime Fingers

lime fingers

Cut one of these strange little fruits open and you will be created with hundreds of juicy little balls, that taste like a cross between a lemon and a lime, with a slightly herbaceous note. Scoop a teaspoon of this ‘fruity caviar’ into your gin and tonic and enjoy the little bursts of flavour! 

Fresh Chilli

chill and lime in a cocktail

Not for the faint hearted, add an instant kick to your gin and tonic by adding a couple of slices of fresh chilli! Make sure you de-seed the chilli first - you don’t want to find one of those in your cocktail! 

Pineapple Mint

Regular mint is used a lot as a cocktail garnish - it’s one of the main ingredients in a mojito! Pineapple mint adds a slight tropical note to your G&T both on the nose and the palate.



mango as a gin garnish

Not only does a slice of mango added to your gin give it a tropical twist it also really brings out the juniper notes in the spirit. If you want more of a mango kick - give the fruit a muddle before adding it to your G&T.


rosemary as a gin garnish.jpg

The herby, fresh smell of rosemary pairs brilliantly with juniper and adds a powerful, delicious savoury note to your gin. Pop a sprig in your drink with a slice of orange for a beautiful, robust G&T.

Edible Flowers

edible flowers in gin cocktail

Not only do flowers make your gin cocktail look amazing - some add to the taste! Add a couple of sprigs of lavender to your gin and tonic for a highly perfumed hit or sprinkle some pretty pansies to your bees knees for a gorgeous, instagram worthy gin cocktail.

Cocktail Kiwis

cocktail kiwis

Part of the kiwi family, you can find these cute little berries here in the UK! They have earned the nickname ‘nature’s haribo’ by their bright green colour and oh, so sweet flavour. For all the sweet-toothed, gin lovers out there, slices up a handful of cocktail kiwi’s and sweeten up gin o’clock!

Cherry Tomatoes

cherry tomatos.jpg

The sweet, juicy cherry tomato is a gorgeous addition to your G&T. They go wonderfully with herb-infused gins and the heritage cherries are significantly more sweeter than your usual toms! 



Pomegranate seeds don’t just add a pretty pink hue to your gin but, if you muddle these fleshy gems before adding them to you drink, you will get a very berry nice tipple! Pair with a squeeze of lime to add a sharpness to the sweetness and you are good to go.