The Slice is Right! The definitive guide to craft gin garnishes

The best gins are often served with an accompaniment to enhance the flavor and complement their distinct botanical blends. Although every gin drinker has their own individual preferences, the distillers themselves are the real experts when it comes to their own concoctions. 

So here it is from the Gin Masters' mouths. This is the definitive list of the slice, garnish, herb or spice that distillers prefer with their own gins, a list that will continue evolving.

To all distillers, please either reply to the tweet directly below to join the twitter conversation or write your slice preference below in the comments section.

To all gin lovers, enjoy your next glass of craft gin the way the distiller intended!

Sir Hans Sloane enjoyed his gin with a slice of orange 



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slice of orange

any garnish

cape gooseberry

any citrus fruit to garnish

grapefruit and orange slices

apple or nectarine


orange wedge to garnish

grapefruit junper berries to garnish

rhubarb square



lemon slice