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A world of unique, crafted gins

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A world of unique, crafted gins

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6 of the biggest gin trends for 2022

6 of the biggest gin trends for 2022

Jan 5, 2022

Here at Craft Gin Club, we love to keep ourselves in the know about the wonderful world of gin and all of its exciting trends. As such, we have always kept a close eye on all of the changing fashions and popular movements in the drinks industry ever since we began in 2014, inspired by one remarkable trend that is still taking the world by storm today: the gin revolution!

And we’re not the only ones, our loyal gin-loving community enjoys staying on top of all of the latest ginny fashions and keeping up with all of the latest gin news just as much as we do. So for them, for us, and for you, we have put together this list of our predictions for the biggest gin trends of 2022!

And we know a good gin trend when we see one, thanks to our in-house experts and working closely with craft distilleries all over the world to discover them. (Psst, we predicted big things for hard seltzers back in 2020 and now it’s predicted the UK market will be worth £75m by 2023)!

Without further ado, here’s to a year of gin-spiring cocktail recipes, discoveries and flavours! All aboard the train of gin discovery…

Raise a glass with Rosé (gin)

Rose gin

We love sipping a cocktail that looks as good as it tastes, and we’re not afraid to admit it! Summer 2021 only heightened that, with Brits opting for all things pretty in pink (Rosé was Waitrose’s highest-performing wine category, according to its Food and Drink Report 2022). And there’s proof that we’re thinking pink in general… with sales of other pink beverages, like beer and blush cider sky rocketing too.

And that goes for pink ingredients, too: a trend report from Whole Foods Market highlighted the interest in hibiscus, which delivers that gorgeous pink tone. So look out for lots of rosé gin cocktails, using gorgeous pink gin or rosé gin like the Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie (being a firm Craft Gin Club favourite!)

2. Time for tea

Time for tea with Tia Maria

Gin and tea you say? That's right, these two are set to be the next big dynamic duo! Is it any surprise, especially in the UK? We are an island of tea and gin lovers, after all. Your favourite comforting cuppa is about to make an appearance in the gin world, so expect to see tea-inspired gins, cocktail recipes, and more this year. We knew the writing was on the wall when we saw the huge popularity of Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur, which we sent to members in our September Gin of the Month box. Those sumptuous green tea flavours just work so well with gin!

Matcha's not the only tea to grab our ginny attention though. Fragrant Earl Grey is also a fantastic match for our favourite tipple - just give our Earl Grey Martini a go! Not to mention, one of our favourite craft gins, Theordore's (our July 2019 Gin of the Month), has beautiful tea botanicals that are completely moreish. It's clear that the relationship between tea and gin is something to watch closely this year and beyond!

3. Weird and wonderful gins

Gin collection

You gin lovers are an adventurous bunch, aren’t you? The year of 2022 will see consumers experimenting and searching for gin that pushes the boundaries one step further. Like the Isle of Bute Oyster Gin (above), gin aficionados are craving something a little different. From smoked gin to barrel-aged gin, curious gin lovers are obsessed with trying something out-of-the-ginny-box.

Here at Craft Gin Club, every month a panel of experts select an adventurous Discovery gin - which is perfect for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Sound like you? Check out the Cherry Moon Pink gin (which is distilled using a piece of space rock!)

4. Experience extravaganza

Beccy and Lucinda from Craft Gin Club
Beccy and Lucinda from Craft Gin Club host our Christmas G&T event

There’s more to drinking gin than just the taste, and post-pandemic consumers are hungry for all things experiential. And that covers a variety of things: people connecting with other fellow gin lovers, sharing tips and tricks, developing cocktail skills, to name but a few.

And it’s a win-win, as all these things improve your gin knowledge, and make for lots of fun too! This trend aligns perfectly with our brand ethos, creating a gin-loving community that celebrates social connection, supporting each other, along with fun events (virtual and otherwise) so that we can all learn something new and make new gin pals! Sign up here to join the waiting list for our next ginny exciting events

5. Aperitif aesthetic

Aperitif aesthetic

Yes, aperitifs taste amazing, but they also have a charming colour to them, don’t they? Similar to the pink rosé trend, with Waitrose sales of Aperol (up 148%) and Pampelle Grapefruit Apéritif (up 4,850%), it’s further evidence that there’s a colour craze element to the gin cocktails we’re sipping.

And it’s hardly surprising when research shows that colour can help enhance our mood. And with lush orange tones that evoke joy like this bright ginny Aperol spritz cocktail recipe or a punchy negroni, bold and beautiful drinks are certainly here to stay. The classic Negroni cocktail has soared in popularity recently and will continue to do so!

6. Cultural gin-spiration

Amazzoni gin
The first-ever gin to be distilled in Brazil was our July 2020 Gin of the Month. It’s made using unique Brazilian ingredients.

Here at Craft Gin Club, we are always scouring the world to find craft distilleries - from the depths of Devon all the way to the Amazon rainforest, India and beyond. We respect craft distilleries regardless of their size and get extremely excited when discovering a delicious gin from a new location.

With increasing consumer demand for trying something new - these dreamy distilleries will use local pride and cultural influences to help further inspire their gin. From using locally sourced botanicals to indigenous ingredients, all the way down to the branding, they will showcase their regional flavours in their gin. It’s the perfect way to taste a new botanical that you might not have heard of before…

What trend are you most excited about in 2022? Let us know on Facebook!

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