Week in Gin: Unicorn Tears, rainbow gin & #Ginstagram winners

After another exciting week, we've put together this week's top gin stories for you to peruse. So sit back, grab a gin and tonic and enjoy!

Lighthouse Ginstagram Winners with Prize

See which member's photo won them a whole month of gin... for FREE!

This Glittering Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur Is Out Of This World...

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

Unicorns exist and they are shedding tears for you to drink! 

How To Make Your Own Rainbow Gin In 6 Easy Steps!

Skittles gin

Brighten up any special occasion with this fun novelty creation!

Lighthouse Gin-Fused Scallops Will Be Your New Favourite Recipe

Lighthouse Gin Scallops recipe

Gin and scallops come together in magical, seafood harmony with Carol's latest recipe.

13 Things You Will Understand If You Are Doing Stoptober!

Real Housewives GIF screengrab

Stoptober struggles are real...

Cocktail: Green Grass Of Home

Green Grass of Home Gin Cocktail

A gorgeous, green gin cocktail to see you through any evening.

Gin Joint: The Ship Tavern

The Ship Tavern

All aboard The Ship Tavern to enjoy over 60 different gins!