13 things you will understand if you are doing Stoptober!

For those of you who have taken part in Stoptober this year...we salute you. You have sacrificed something many of us couldn't and it's admirable!

You're nearly at the end and we realise it couldn't have been easy right? Which of the following have you experienced this Stoptober?

1. You spend a LOT of time thinking about your favourite drink.

2. At the beginning of the month you smugly posted on Facebook about quitting the booze...now you just don't want to talk about it.

3. You think everyone is trying to trick you into drinking.

4. You simply can't stand other people enjoying the booze you miss so much.

5. You find yourself sniffing other people's G&Ts

6. The good intentions you had at the beginning of the month eventually go out the window.

7. You tell yourself it doesn't count if it's someone's birthday...like your second cousin, twice removed, that you've never even met.

8. Friday night seems dull, but Saturday mornings are a whole new world!

9. There is temptation EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

10. You pour yourself a tonic water, adding ice and garnish to your favourite copa glass and try and convince yourself it's a large G&T.

11. By day 7, your self-control (or lack thereof) starts to get the better of you.

12. When someone tells you to 'hang on in there' it takes every fiber of your being not to breakdown...no one understands.

13. You start to plan out the reward you're going to give yourself at the end of the month (usually around October 3rd).