6 GINtastic reasons to join Craft Gin Club this year

Are you more of a 'Ginuary' rather than 'Dry January' sort of person? Or are you powering through by daydreaming about February and those lush G&Ts that await you? No matter who you are, if you love gin then here's why a Craft Gin Club membership is just the thing to treat yourself to this year!

1. You'll have the most amazing collection of exclusive gins.

Craft Gin Club limited editions, brand new launches from your favourite craft distillers - you'll be the first to try them all!

2. You'll basically become a gin expert.

Each month's edition of GINNED! magazine is full of tips, trick, and stories that will help take your boozy knowledge to new heights.

3. You'll learn how to mix some gincredible cocktails.

From Negronis, to Gin Hot Toddys and drinks you've never even heard of in between, with each gin you'll get ahold of some remarkable recipes that will bring out the mixologist in you.

4. You'll have a chance at winning amazing prizes in exclusive contests.

Win exclusive competitions Poacher's Gin

Found a Golden Ticket in your box? Maybe you'll win a distillery tour and gin-tasting trip like member Gill! There's endless possibilities...

5. You'll find fabulous surprise treats in every box.

Of course the gin is the best bit, but with unique mixers for creative cocktails and tasty treats to pair with your G&Ts included in each boozy delivery, there'll be even more reason to celebrate gin arrival day!

6. You'll turn all of your friends into craft gin lovers - and enjoy together!

Whether you get together with family or old friends to share recent discoveries or meet a new 'gin pal' to enlighten, you'll find that getting together is the greatest fun of all!